Guarantees of high quality translation services

In the interest of high quality translation services, we guarantee the following to you:

1. A simple and limited to a minimum online translation service. The translation pricing, translation order and collection is done by email.

2. Services for all entities: joint stock companies, institutions, organisations, associations, schools, universities, limited liability companies, sole traders, private individuals, any entities from Poland and from all over the world.

3. Professional translations of ordinary and specialised texts in the highest quality.

4. Selection of a translator (translators) for a given project in terms of specialisation and text specificity, as well as individual requirements of a given client.

5. Availability of all European languages, as well as exotic languages, such as Hindi, Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese.

6. The ability to translate files supplied to us in various formats: doc, docx, odt, ods, ppt, pttx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff, gif, rar, zip, pdf and many others.

7. Translation and proofreading by proof readers, native speakers or industry experts with fluency in a foreign language.

8. Professional staff of specialist translators. Every translator we hire goes through our rigorous recruitment process.

9. Possibility of translating specialised texts: medical, technical, legal, websites, any documents, as well as ordinary texts by professional translators (also sworn translators).

10. Quick pricing (usually within 30 minutes) and simplified ordering rules.

11. Very short timeframes for translations. Standard 6 pages/day. Possibility of super express translations (e.g. 80 pages for the next day).

12. The most attractive prices in relation to the quality of the translation.

13. Price and/or deadline negotiable for larger projects (more than 30 pages).

14. Price invariability and fairness. We determine the value of a given translation at the time of valuation. After translation, the rate does not change, even though the text is often slightly longer after translation.

15. Billing to the nearest tenth of a page (no rounding up!).

16. Reasonable payment terms? 14 days for companies.

17. Making any corrections, if needed, completely free of charge until the translation is accepted by you.

18. Confidentiality of translations. Your files are seen only by a customer service consultant making a quote for you and a participating translator (translators).

19. Protection of your personal data and total absence of unsolicited messages and advertising.

20. Layout of content in your translation in line with the original. Additional graphic processing possible in the case of complex folders for publication.

21. Discount system for loyal customers.

22. Possibility of collective billing (e.g. weekly, monthly).

23. Possibility of providing comments even if your translation is already being performed.

24. Free translations of short texts for regular clients, language consultations.

25. Absolute punctuality or refund ? In the event that any culpable delay is more than 3 working days.