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Tomasz Muszyński

Poland English-language German-language
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Founder and creator of the SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency. A mind full of fresh ideas and creative solutions that drive the company’s development. A leader who not only manages everyday matters, but also provides support to the entire team. Always open to talking to other people. He believes that it is a key element in creating a bridge of understanding between people, and translators are guides who connect linguistically and culturally different worlds and make it possible to cross this bridge.

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Beata Piotrowska

Poland English-language
Finance Assistant

Beata, our “Guardian Angel”, takes care of the company’s finances. All financial documents pass through her hands. Thanks to her professionalism and attention to detail, our company operates extremely efficiently and enjoys the trust of our clients. She will solve every problem, even the most difficult one, with a smile on her face.

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Maciej Gaik

Poland Arabic-language English-language

Sales Executive

Maciek, the chief sales specialist, is a professional in the full sense of the word. He makes sure that our services are always tailored to market expectations. What he cares about most is that the results of his work translate into the satisfaction of the companies and people he works with. Thanks to his great intuition and superstandard commitment to building good and lasting business relationships, our clients not only come back to us, but also stay with us for many years.

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Anna Wolny

Poland Czech-language

Quality Specialist

Thanks to her highly developed communication skills, Ania builds the most lasting and valuable cooperation. The ability to think analytically and draw accurate conclusions allows her to quickly understand the needs of clients and adapt our services to their expectations. Ania also has a unique talent for identifying key areas for further improvement. Her contribution to improving our daily work is truly enormous.

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Konrad Szymborski

Polish English-language
Sales Specialist

Konrad is constantly on the lookout for new solutions that enhance the satisfaction not only of our clients, but also of our office staff. He is very keen to ensure that the entire translation process runs smoothly and to the highest standard. His ability to analyse clients’ needs and expectations means that he is always able to find optimal solutions for them.

About us 25

Izabela Nosiadek

Poland English-language
LQA Specialist

Iza is our guardian of linguistic correctness, who almost literally “weighs” words. Iza prepares glossaries and proofreads texts. She uses her innate creativity to co-run social media. Thanks to it, our followers can enjoy original and inspiring content. Her optimism and contagious smile make working in the office a pure pleasure.

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Alicja Fira

Poland English-language Swedish-language

HR & EB Specialist

Alicja is a true ambassador of translators in our company. We recruit the best specialists, thanks to which the quality of our translations is always maintained at the highest level. She also cares about the company’s attractive image as an employer. Privately, she is interested in Scandinavian culture and traveling. She approaches work in a holistic way, striving to create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere among her colleagues.

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Agata Niewelt-Jakubik

Poland French-language English-language

Project Manager

Agata is our liaison between clients and translators. Thanks to her extensive experience and natural instinct, she is always able to select the right translator for each job. Privately, she is a lover of traveling and cats. She successfully combines her passions with work. An extremely patient and empathetic person. Her incredible ability to solve difficult cases means that nothing is impossible for the SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency.

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Nataliya Lykun

Polish Ukrainian-language Russian-language
Project Manager

Nataliya is a volcano of positive energy. She has a natural gift for selecting assignments in such a way that they present an interesting challenge for specialists and clients get exactly what they need. Her pertinent insights and the brilliant conclusions, that she is able to draw after just a short conversation, contribute to the success of our company. Nataliya is a very direct and open person, which is much appreciated by both our translators and the rest of the team.

About us 29

Yaroslava Harets

Polish Ukrainian-language
Sales Specialist

Jasia prepares translation offers for our clients every day with great commitment. She approaches her work with superstandard enthusiasm and infects everyone around with her positive energy. She makes all our clients feel that their order has been placed in good hands. Privately, she is interested in psychology and creating graphics for social media.

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About us 30

SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency is all about people. 
We are a team of professionals who are passionate about our work every day. 
Since 2008, we have helped around 40,000 clients. Each of these clients is a human being to us.
It is the human approach in the modern world that we are most proud of.