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Online document translation – SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency. At an office, no one will listen that “it is a translator’s mistake”. Documents translated incorrectly or inaccurately can cost you time, money and a lot of stress.

There is no room for trials or risk in such matters. Writing on which so much depends must be translated by a supertranslator. In a few words, we are a safe choice. It is worth doing everything right.

This makes up our document translations:


An experienced team of specialists - we have been translating for our clients since 2008.


Online service - we move with the time, so you can order the supertranslations of your documents from office or home.


Translations from and into 42 foreign languages, including English, French or German.


30 minutes - that is how long we need to quote the documents you send us.


Working with respect of industry standards.


More than 36,000 clients who are satisfied with the quality of our translations.

Professional document translations - confidence thanks to working with a Supertranslator

A well-translated document “takes care” of itself. It does not raise questions, it looks familiar to the clerk or employee of the company you are applying to. There is nothing funny about documents. You cannot confuse “from” with “to” because your letter will be rejected, they will not extend your stay, they will deregister your car or you will get an undeserved fine.

These are, of course, only dramatic examples, but they also happen. Why expose yourself to possible mishaps, problems and inconveniences when we can offer you reliability and quality that will open the doors of all offices, support you in your various activities and help you pass smoothly through the various procedures. And the translation process runs smoothly and it is a collaboration that is rated as perfect.

For example, SUPERTŁUMACZ®:

  • the translator of documents is a professional
  • we translate various types of documents to dozens of countries
  • high quality translation of official and less formal documents
  • we have been doing this for more than 10 years, maintaining an excellent reputation (if the authorities had rejected our letters, our clients would have rejected us long time ago)
  • we are familiar with a specificity of different offices
  • we know the legal language, not just the textbook language
  • we assist the client at every stage
  • the quality of the translations impacts your goals, actions and plans

Safety principle – when a lot depends on a text translation, choose a translator who cares. In writing (and translating) letters, applications and other documents, what matters here are not the advantages, but the absence of disadvantages. We focus on a broadly understood quality of the assignments we carry out.

No matter if you want to authenticate something, need a high-end translation of business documents into English or a translation of pdf documents; with us you get a flawless, faultless and impeccable translation. One that does not multiply your problems, but gets rid of them at the start. One that makes it so you do not have to go from window to window explaining typos, slip-ups and mistakes, but gets your business done efficiently.

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Advantages of document translation:
  • You have the opportunity to work with supertranslators. They are specialists who are familiar not only with foreign languages but also with different types of documents.
  • Quality guaranteed. Our document translations are accurate and careful, so they “work” in business, office and at work.
  • Short lead times. We understand that you want to deal with official or court matters as quickly as possible, so you will appreciate the speed of our service.
  • Prices corresponding to the level of difficulty of the translation.
  • Confidentiality of any data provided to us.

Check out how simply and efficiently our supertranslation service works!


You call or send a message to our Customer Service Office.


You ask for a quotation for the documents you want to be translated. You send us, for example, professional qualifications or a commercial contract.


“We are looking at” the documents you have sent. This is an important stage, as we assess the degree of difficulty and the time needed by the translator to prepare the translation.


You receive a quotation from us along with the fastest possible lead time. Our offer is free of charge and does not commit you to anything.


Once we have received the “green light” from you, we start our work. We select the right professional and begin the process of translating documents.


We provide you with a translation that is immediately ready to use.

1. * 30 minutes is the maximum time we take from receipt of your enquiry to review and quote your documents.

2. Natural persons are requested to pay in advance. This is a standard procedure that applies to every individual. You can use online payment or a bank transfer.

Do you need document translations for corporate purposes, work or private matters? Are you looking for a translation agency that provides high-quality translations of documents from various industries? At our SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency, we have been translating documents from and into foreign languages for many years.

We can help you with the content from a variety of industries and disciplines. We translate documents into dozens of languages.

Our range of services includes:

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Standard translations and certified translations

We can help you translate both a language certificate and a commercial contract.

Document translations 15

Specialised translations

Some documents require knowledge at an expert level. We supertranslate law, medicine, IT and content from many other fields.

Document translations 16

Translations for individual and corporate clients

Are you looking for a professional to help you achieve your goal? Our specialists will be happy to support you.

Document translations 17

Proofreading of translated documents.

We take care of the details because they make up the end result.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Documented quality

Document translations 18

Our specializations


We will translate your documents from and into 42 languages

It is one thing to know a foreign language, another to understand the content of a document. We are familiar with both. Since 2008, we have helped more than 36,000 clients!


Documents are translated by supertranslators

Our supertranslators will ensure quality, which is what makes the documents they translate “work” at the registry office, the traffic department or the court.


Standard translations and certified translations

We are able to help you in any situation! We will translate both CVs and insurance documents.


We translate documents from various fields

Finance, medicine, law, transport, insurance - we translate for most of the popular industries and fields.


Document translations for everyone!

We translate documents for students, employees of foreign companies, patients, medical personnel, as well as for banks, law firms, insurance companies, among others.


Superfast translation of the documents you need

We value the time of each of our clients, which is why we ensure short lead times.

You can order super translations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

Do you want to learn more about our documents translation service? This information should be of interest to you!

Whoever accepts your document (business, official, recruitment or any other) takes responsibility for it. They therefore readily and quickly dismiss anything that arouses their suspicions. It is not worth arousing suspicion. Let your English, German, Swedish or Russian documents (we translate 42 languages!) look as professional and natural as any other lying at the clerk’s desk.

To make the process seamless, you cannot entrust the translation of documents to a man who does not deserve your trust and one who, by himself, is not a guarantee of 100% quality. Steer clear of amateurs and anyone who does not have the necessary experience, knowledge and skills in translating the documents you need here and now.

Sometimes also the saying that it is not all gold that glitters is true. What does this mean in the context of the case you are interested in? Be sure to check the reviews of a particular provider. Satisfied customers are an excellent indication of whether someone is able to do a good translation job for you. Equally, those who are angry or disappointed are valuable information for you, and real grounds for distrust and further exploration.

What sets us apart:

  • experience – what does it mean for you? We know how to translate documents so that they fulfil their purpose
  • a translation process that has been proven over many years
  • short deadlines (even on the same day, offices do not like to wait!)
  • guarantee of the highest quality (flawlessly prepared document translations)
  • immutable price guarantee
  • full confidentiality (only trusted professionals are employed to work on the translations)

For more than a decade, we have translated a wide variety of letters, requests, applications, financial documents, explanations and all kinds of correspondence with companies (e.g. insurance companies) or authorities. We know what counts in such discussions and always act in the interests of the client.

We offer translations, including:

  • translation of applications, letters and documents of very different kinds, such as specialised translations for transport sector (there is no closed list).
  • tourism translations
  • translation of judicial documents
  • translation of insurance documents
  • translation of recruitment documents (CV, references)
  • translation of car documents, translation of the car purchase contract and all necessary translations of documents for car registration, translation of driving licence, etc.
  • technical translations
  • medical translations
  • standard document translations
  • online translation of certified documents
  • online document translation
  • translation of documents into 42 languages
  • translation of documents from 42 languages, including translation of documents from Ukrainian, translation of documents from Polish into English, translation of documents from Dutch into Polish or translation of documents from Polish into German and German into Polish
  • translation of documents with photos
  • What is more: our translations are fast, of the highest quality and help you reach your goal smoothly.

If we are translating a very precise text with a formally established structure, does the choice of translator make a difference? No. When you translate an application, for example, you do not just change the words from one language to another – but create a new document tailored to the requirements and style of the country. 

It can be the little things: the inclusion of contact details, account number, NIP, sometimes a different letter template that arranges similar content in a new way. For example, car insurance in England and Poland is about the same, but the ‘paperwork’ is different. A novice or hurried translator will simply translate the words and send you the file.

A good translator makes sure that your documents work equally well in any language.

We provide standard translations and professional certified translations. The latter are in the hands of a sworn translator, who prepares the certifications for our clients.

A frequently asked question is how much does it cost to translate car documents? We quote translation services for registration documents or other content taking into account many factors, such as what type of document it is, how many pages it has and whether you want an express translation service. Service rates are influenced by the language pair itself or the difficulty of the translation.

Professional document translations prepared by our supertranslator are a guarantee that you will get a high quality translation that fulfils its purpose and which is performed impeccably. The option to translate documents online makes things simple. You send a text to our online translation agency – on the website you can use the contact form or send us texts by email.

Quotation within 30 minutes. Once the terms and conditions are accepted, we proceed. And within the agreed deadline, we deliver the finished translation. Others may promise you a lot, we can guarantee you the highest quality.

We know how to translate your documents so that they are flawless and insanely good. Without unnecessary nerves, mistakes and getting stuck in a queue at the office that seems endless. Our document translation service has already been appreciated by many clients! Order a supertranslation and enjoy a smooth handling of your case! Feel free to contact us!