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Below are profiles of a dozen of our regular translation champions.
Translators 31

Bartłomiej Matulewicz

Polish English-language

English translator

Dr Bartłomiej, having graduated from the prestigious Faculty of Medicine
Collegium Medicum at the Jagiellonian University, shows great understanding of the
subtleties of the medical field. Advanced postgraduate studies in
Aesthetic Medicine, completed at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, he has enhanced with
a number of in-depth training courses, which enabled him to achieve the highest level of knowledge and skills in this area. He completed a postgraduate degree in Clinical Research – Methodology,
Organisation and Management and, in addition, his skills are confirmed by certificates from the
Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education, Jagiellonian University. He is
Member of the Polish Society for Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine. He is a multilingual
doctor with an undeniable talent, as confirmed by the highest C2 Proficiency (CPE) certificate of
Cambridge University, attesting to perfect English language skills. He works
within Primary Health Care as well as in the world of aesthetic medicine. His passion
to medicine has been intertwined with translation skills since 2013. In terms of
translations he specialises primarily in medical and life sciences texts,
including patient medical records, patent applications, scientific articles
and clinical trial documentation. With extensive translation experience, doctor Bartłomiej has refined a number of texts covering a total of more than 100,000 pages. He uses specialist CAT and OCR software, allowing the original layout of the documentation to be retained, which is extremely
valuable when presenting translations at foreign medical institutions,
offices or airports. Doctor Bartłomiej is not only a medical and translation expert,
but also an enthusiast for older cars, which confirms his versatile
interests. We appreciate his invaluable skills and passions, which add value to the
every sphere in which he is involved.

Translators 32

Joanna Malinowska

Polish English-language Japanese-language

Translator of English and Japanese

Ms Joanna is a qualified Japanese and English teacher whose educational path led her through the prestigious Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She gained extremely valuable experience during her time on a one-year MEXT scholarship in Japan, as well as a year’s work in China, where she taught business English to local companies. Her professional career has been also varied. She worked on passenger ships for two years, where she acted as an event organiser, translator and chaperone for foreign language groups. This experience has allowed her to understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures. Ms Joanna has been translating since her student days, but has been running her own business in this field since 2018. In her work, she especially values marketing translations, which allow her to demonstrate her creativity, pharmaceutical and supplement translations, technical translations and scientific articles, especially in the fields of geopolitics and history. You can definitely see the passions that reflect her interests. Travel is an important part of Ms Joanna’s life. A special place in her heart is held by Kyushu, an island that she considers the most beautiful in the world and to which she enjoys returning during her free time. As she says of herself, she has “culinary skills comparable to a sense of humour – she can burn any dish as well as a joke”, which shows her healthy attitude and distance from herself.

Translators 33

Anna Pogorzelska

Polish German language

German translator

Ms Anna is an experienced German translator who deserves special recognition for her relentless pursuit of excellence in a field to which she has dedicated a large chunk of her life. She is a graduate of the Teachers’ College of Foreign Languages in Opole, where she studied Germanic philology. She then completed postgraduate studies in German Language Interpreter Training at the University of Wrocław. She has gained her extensive professional experience through more than 17 years of working in various corporations and manufacturing plants, which has made her proficient in technical translation. Her skills are versatile – including translations in marketing, mechanics, user manuals, technical specifications and standards, medical documentation, computer games and websites. She never rests on her laurels and is constantly expanding her knowledge by regularly attending translator training courses. She is extremely attentive to detail, has an exceptional ability to detect errors and always meets deadlines, which accounts for her outstanding professionalism. In addition, Ms Anna has skills related to the settlement of taxes from abroad, which involves daily contact with official documentation in German. This daily contact with the language makes her translations not only precise, but also characterised by authentic phraseology. However, knowledge of the language, as well as the ability to apply it in practice, is not Ms Anna’s only asset. She devotes her free time to physical activity – she particularly enjoys cycling and walking her dog. Such hobbies reflect her principles – the constant pursuit of development, not only professionally but also personally. All this shows that Ms Anna is not only an experienced translator, but above all a person who is extremely committed to her work and who tackles every task entrusted to her with unwavering passion.

Translators 34

Ewelina Smoła

Polish German language

German translator

Ms Ewelina is an experienced translator with a master’s degree in German philology from the University of Wrocław. She began her career path in 1997, when she successfully passed the exam to become a sworn German translator. Since then, she has dedicated herself with extraordinary commitment to her work as a translator, successfully translating texts from various industries and walks of life into Polish. Her passion is working with the German language, which guarantees her steadfastness in the face of any subject matter requiring translation. Over the years that followed, Ms Ewelina continually expanded her linguistic competence. She has also been successfully translating in English since 2009. She gained her teaching experience by working for many years as a German language teacher at general secondary schools. To this day, she still remembers that time with a smile on her face. Currently, Ms Ewelina focuses her efforts primarily on translations, both standard and certified, covering documents, websites and fiction. However, it is not only translations that fill Ms Ewelina’s life. In her free time, she finds incredible joy and a sense of freedom during expeditions to the mountains. Trekking in mountainous terrain is a real breath of fresh air for her, inspiring her to keep going. Besides, Ms Ewelina loves reading and spending time with loved ones – these priceless moments give her strength for everyday life. With an unusual combination of passion for her work and love of life, Ms Ewelina is a translator worthy of the utmost trust.

Translators 35

Ilona Bala

Polish French-language

French translator

Ms Ilona is an eminent French translator with a rich academic profile and extremely extensive professional experience. She graduated from one of the world’s most prestigious universities, the Sorbonne in Paris, where she earned a master’s degree in French literary studies. She holds a PhD in French comparative studies, giving her a unique interdisciplinary approach to French language and culture. However, it was not limited to one area of knowledge. She also holds a Cracow Master of Philosophy degree in metaphysics. Since 2013, initially out of passion and later professionally, she has been translating from Polish into French and vice versa. Her experience is impressive – she finds her way through technical, legal and notarial documents as well as texts from the automotive, energy and environmental sectors. Her comprehensive understanding of phenomenology, especially French phenomenology, makes us particularly appreciate her work in scientific translation. Excellent mastery of the language and fluency in translation are the result of years of consistent work. During her doctoral studies, Ms Ilona developed her teaching skills by giving French lessons in French education. She has a natural teaching flair that allows her to impart knowledge in an effective and engaging way. Her greatest passion, apart from culture in the broadest sense, is music. She is particularly fond of the works of Frédéric Chopin, which testifies to her refined musical taste. Ms Ilona combines a high level of culture, extensive education and many years of professional experience. This makes her an exceptional specialist whose work deserves the highest praise.

Translators 36

Iwona Szopa

Polish English-language

English translator

Possessing an unusually deep passion for the English language, Ms Iwona has turned her love into an impressive career as a translator. She skilfully applies her multifaceted knowledge, gained from both her studies in psychology and human resource management, to translation practice, making her work extremely precise and revealing. Her determination for continuous development made Ms Iwona complete numerous courses. Particularly noteworthy is her participation in a course on literary translation from English, entitled “The Kitchen of Translation, or How to Cook a Good Book”, organised by Polskie Towarzystwo Wydawców Książek. Pressto Sp. z o.o.’s translation editing course and proofreading course demonstrate her commitment to continually improving her work. This combination of passion, knowledge and relentless pursuit of excellence has contributed to Ms Iwona’s impressive achievements – she has proofread and edited more than 40 books and translated 10 books from English. It was this significant experience that led to her inclusion as a candidate member of the Association of Literary Translators. As a true fiction enthusiast, Ms Iwona enjoys spending time reading the works of such eminent authors as Dostoyevsky and Hesse. Her curiosity about the world and her desire to learn more about the human psyche makes her keen to expand her knowledge of the psychology of lying and body language and facial expression. Privately, she devotes as much time as possible to her family. Ms Iwona’s knowledge, vast experience and undoubted passion for translation guarantee the highest quality of her translations.

Translators 37

Jacek Bribram

Polish Swedish-language

Swedish translator

Mr Jacek is an experienced translator of Swedish, having honed his philological skills at the prestigious Jagiellonian University. In recognition of his high level of competence, he has earned the valuable qualification of a sworn translator, confirming his professionalism and meticulousness in his work. Fluency in German further broadens his linguistic spectrum and enables him to provide translation services on an even wider scale. His professional achievements include translating Conna Larsson’s book “Truths, sex and sects. Under the clown mask. Sai Baba’s organisation viewed from the inside”, published by Publisher JK. This experience has allowed him to explore the detail of the process of translating literature, which is an indispensable part of his profession. Mr Jacek is also passionate about the tourism industry. With great commitment and enthusiasm, he pilots tours and guides tourists around his local area. His love of tourism is combined with rich interests such as history and religion. Photography is also one of the areas that has interested Mr Jack. This may be indicative of his inquisitiveness, patience and ability to observe carefully – key qualities for any translator. Thanks to his multi-faceted profile, Mr Jacek not only excels in translation, but also offers a unique perspective on the subject he translates.

Translators 38

Joanna Bensi-De Palma

Polish French-language Italian-language

Translator of French and Italian

Ms Joanna, our esteemed translator with 25 years’ experience in the industry, is a graduate in Roman Studies from the prestigious Jagiellonian University. She has also served as a sworn French translator for more than 17 years, further emphasising her credibility and professionalism. In her extensive professional background, Ms Joanna focuses on several key areas, which include law, economics and finance, as well as insurance. Her portfolio includes translations of specialised manuals for a variety of equipment, from industrial machinery to white goods, as well as software documentation, MSDSs or patents. Her incredible translation skills have also been used in the translation of many websites of various industries, such as food, cosmetics, furniture, as well as companies producing windows, doors, agricultural machinery, animal products or dietary supplements. Ms Joanna also has solid experience in automotive translation. One element of Ms Joanna’s work that provides her with great satisfaction is interpreting, which includes such diverse contexts as commercial and trade union negotiations, court hearings, training courses or company meetings and presentations. Her expertise has also been recognised at international trade fairs. A polyglot, Ms Joanna translates in combinations of English and Italian. She stresses that the work of a translator requires great humility, constantly improving knowledge and skills, as well as keeping up to date with the latest technological developments that can make the job easier. When she is not involved in translating, Ms Joanna spends her time actively relaxing and taking care of her garden. She is interested in literature, mainly historical and non-fiction, as well as the history and culture of Japan, Korea, Spain and France. All of this combines to create a portrait of an extremely experienced and knowledgeable translator.

Translators 39

Laurentia Jadachowska

Polish Romanian Greek

Translator of Romanian and Greek

Ms Laurentia is our Romanian translator who has amazing language skills. Since 2006, she has been focusing on what she does best – translations. Not only does she have a passion for languages, but she also has a solid scientific background that helps her in her work. Her studies in Polish and Greek philology at the University of Bucharest gave her a strong foundation, and the Study of Eastern Europe at the University of Warsaw broadened her perspectives. This strong academic base helped her to gain a deeper understanding of translation principles. During her career, Ms Laurentia has gained experience in various locations such as the Greek Embassy and the Romanian Embassy. There she had the chance to work on different texts and get to know the multilingual environment. She has also gained experience through numerous international training courses. Ms Laurentia speaks as many as nine languages, including English. This is not only a requirement of her job, but above all the result of her passion for languages, which makes her daily life interesting and full of joy. Ms Laurentia is also someone who loves to spend time actively. She did gymnastics for many years and now participates in running competitions and trains martial arts. These interests show that she is very versatile and enjoys challenging herself in new ways. She has an impressive portfolio of translations behind her, which shows her tremendous achievements, but what is really admirable is her constant desire to broaden her horizons and her curiosity about the world. Her passion for languages and translation, combined with a solid academic background and a constant striving for excellence, make her one of the most respected and valued people in the translation world. Ms Laurentia is proof that true passion and knowledge can lead to great things, regardless of the field.

Translators 40

Michał Rachański

Polish English-language Spanish-language

Translator of English and Spanish

Mr Michał, our distinguished translator, enjoys almost 20 years of experience in the linguistic space. His academic path, which began at the University of SWPS, where he earned a master’s degree in English philology with a specialisation in translation and interpreting, is impressive. It is also enriched by the international experience gained during a year-long student exchange at the University of Malaga and Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. His interest in foreign languages, which arose in his life as a child, has turned into a professional commitment and he can boast many achievements. Among the most important of these, he mentions the translation into Polish of the book “The Mafia Cookbook”, which was published by Oficina Wydawnicza MULTICO. In addition, he had the opportunity to perform interpretation at the PRIDE OF POLAND Arabian horse auction in Janów Podlaski in 2009 and 2010 and the UN World Urban Forum conference in Katowice in 2022. Mr Michał’s specialisation focuses primarily on legal texts and European Union topics. He is also proficient in natural history subjects, which adds to his versatility as a translator. Mr Michael is fascinated by the culture and history of Spain and Latin American countries. He is also passionate about civil aviation, 20th century American literature and environmental issues. All of this combines to create a picture of a translator with impressive international experience and a diversity of interests. Mr Michał is not only a professional in his field, but also a true erudite, whose passion and knowledge is visible in the exceptional quality of his translations.

Translators 41

Monika Samsel-Zakrzewska

Polish German language

German translator

Ms Monika is a qualified specialist in German translation, which is not only her job, but above all a true passion. Her educational path began at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and later continued at the Teacher Training College. In further training, Ms Monika completed a postgraduate course for German translators at the University of Wrocław. Her most significant work experience is as a stewardess for a German airline, on board of a Boeing B737-800. This experience has given her an in-depth understanding of German culture and language, which is reflected in the high quality of her translations. Today, Ms Monika is a highly regarded interpreter and translator in the industry, additionally acting as a German language teacher. She also provides courses and training for companies. Although her favourite areas are law and accounting, she moves with equal grace in technical and industry translations, websites or social media texts. What sets Ms Monika apart is not only her skills and experience, but above all her extraordinary passion for the German language. For her, working with language is not a chore, but a real pleasure, which is confirmed by the creativity and commitment she puts into each translation. Ms Monika spends her free time with her family, and whenever she has a moment to herself, she indulges in reading good literature and listening to music. A person with such a wealth of experience and a passion for language is a guarantee of the highest quality of translation.

Translators 42

Sylwia Rybotycka

Polish English-language

English translator

Ms Sylwia holds a Master’s degree in English Philology from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow – one of the most prestigious universities in the country. The competences she gained there were the foundation on which she continued her education, completing a postgraduate degree in specialist translation at the UNESCO Chair of the Jagiellonian University. With an extensive 20 years’ experience in the translation industry, Ms Sylwia has acquired the knowledge and skills to translate even the most complex specialist texts with ease. Her specialisations include construction, real estate, marketing, mechanical engineering, mechanics, telecommunications, environmental protection, energy and railways, as well as juridical, legal and notarial texts. Ms Sylwia has already translated some 72,000 pages of documents with passion and professionalism. She particularly enjoys working on texts concerning environmental protection, ‘Natura 2000’ areas and dyke reinforcement. These projects not only allowed her to develop her translation skills, but also to discover a love for ornithology, dendrology and herbalism. In addition, Ms Sylwia has been involved in teaching English at various levels of education for many years. This work allowed her to gain a licence as an examiner for TELC European language certificates. Currently, for the past 12 years, Ms Sylwia has concentrated solely on her work as a translator. She is a member of the Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators TEPIS. In her spare time, she is passionate about painting and drawing, as well as playing the cello. Her unique strengths are attention to detail, sense of aesthetics, ability to spot mistakes and excellent writing skills.

Translators 43

Wioletta Pysiak

Polish English-language Italian-language

Translator of English and Italian

Ms Wioletta, a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the prestigious Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, has a reputation as an exceptionally proficient and experienced translator. She excels in her role as translator, as evidenced by her 15 years of professional experience. Ms Wioletta’s linguistic abilities are the result of both her academic training and her experience on the international labour market. Her fluency in Italian stems from a six-year stay in Italy, where she worked in the foreign cooperation department of the Cooperative Lapemaia S.r.l. in Rome. English, on the other hand, which she speaks fluently, is the result of both additional language lessons from an early age and studies at the Ilac Academy in Toronto, Canada. These experiences were complemented by Ms Wioletta’s involvement with the US Treasury Department’s office at the Ministry of Finance in Warsaw and the multinational corporation, DTZ Polska. Ms Wioletta guarantees the highest standard of legal translation, which is the result of her thorough understanding of the law on both theoretical and practical level. This is confirmed by her work in reviewing translations of EU legislation with a team of lawyer translators prior to Poland’s accession to the European Union. Ms Wioletta also specialises in technical translations, as evidenced by her NOT technical translator card. Among her greatest achievements, Ms Wioletta mentions the translation of technical documentation for the Pendolino trainsets and the operating instructions for the attractions at the Energylandia theme park. Ms Wioletta’s work also includes the translation into Polish of the economics and politics book, “Tyranny of the Experts” by William Easterly, an author of the bestseller “The White Man’s Burden”. Her versatility and reliability are evidence not only of her professionalism, but also of her great commitment to her work.

Translators 44

Zuzanna Oniszczuk-Gaik

Polish Arabic language

Arabic translator

Ms Zuzanna, who is an Arabic translator, has unique skills and knowledge that allow her to provide translation services at the highest level of professionalism. She is a graduate of the University of Warsaw, where she studied Arabic Studies and International Relations. She started her professional career path as a translator in 2015 and has not stopped growing since then, striving for excellence in her craft. Ms Zuzanna is a translator who is constantly looking for new opportunities for development. She participates in translator training and courses to acquire new skills, such as the use of CAT tools and the translation of specialised texts. Her commitment resulted in her becoming a certified Arabic translator in 2022. As a translator, Ms Zuzanna moves in a wide variety of fields. Her portfolio is very diverse, ranging from translations of legal documents to specialised documents such as breast pump manuals, pigeon feed labels and reports on smuggler activities. Each of these areas requires a unique set of skills and knowledge, and Ms Susanna has successfully tackled these challenges. One of Ms Zuzanna’s goals is to excel in simultaneous interpreting. This is a particularly demanding type of translation that requires not only fluency in the language, but also lightning-fast information processing and the ability to communicate effectively in a dynamic environment. Ms Zuzanna’s passion for Arabic language and culture is not limited to her professional work. She spent three months in Palestine as a human rights observer at the West Bank, which only strengthened her understanding and interest in the region. In addition, as a lover of Middle Eastern cuisine, she enjoys exploring the culinary aspects of Arab culture. All of this combines to paint a picture of Ms Zuzanna as a dedicated, qualified Arabic translator with unique experiences and a deep understanding of the culture she translates.

Translators 45

Natalia Koszowa

Polish Ukrainian-language Russian-language

Ukrainian and Russian translator

Ms Natalia is a Ukrainian translator with excellent qualifications. She received her education at the Donetsk National Technical University and gained her knowledge and skills from numerous courses, including the Polish Language School at the Polish Institute in Kiev which she completed in 2016. In addition to her broad interest in linguistics, Ms Natalia successfully developed her passion for graphic design on the Graphic Design and Multimedia course at the Continuing Education Institution of the Training Centre in Krakow. With more than six years of translation experience, Ms Natalia has been successfully working with Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. She specialises in legal, business and economic texts, demonstrating impressive precision and factual knowledge. However, her skills do not stop there – she enthusiastically takes on the challenges of technical translation, especially in areas such as the environment, industry, automotive or agriculture. Her work with IT and IT-related texts also deserves special mention. Ms Natalia is a native speaker of Ukrainian. What sets her work apart is her attention to detail, which translates into the quality of each translation completed. Outside of work, Ms Natalia likes to relax by solving logic puzzles and enjoying good literature. She is also the happy carer of three cats, whom she surrounds with love. Ms Natalia is a perfectionist not only in her work but also in her everyday life. Her love of detail and striving for perfection can be seen in both her translations and her lifestyle.

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