Construction translations

Construction translations are a serious matter. A misplaced word can contribute to a building disaster. We take such translations seriously and do them accurately – with our help you will “erect” buildings, win contracts or put out materials and publications in the field of construction law.

The SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency employs only professionals who accurately and reliably “reproduce” words and industry terms in the target language. Every document we translate for the construction industry is a guarantee of reliability and trustworthiness.

6 important elements of construction translations:


Service available since 2008 – we are experienced in construction translations.


Online ordering of translation – quick and convenient ordering of the required content.


42 world languages – we can help you with the translation of the most of the best-known languages.


Quotation in 30 minutes – send us your document file and we will inform you about the cost of the service in no time.


ISO 9001:2015 certification – quality is at the heart of our work.


5.0 – the average rating on Google shows that clients are satisfied with the level of our construction translations.

What are construction translations?

Construction translations help to “erect” buildings, instruct how to start up and use machinery and technical equipment, and are essential for any project related to the construction sector.

A construction translator must be both a translator and an expert. It is important for the translator to be able to “construct” not only the text of the translation, but also to be familiar with the construction of buildings or the operation of equipment. At the SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency, we have such specialists – people who understand the texts they work with. This ensures that our services are always of the highest quality.

We do technical translations which relate to building structures ensuring that everything is reproduced accurately and precisely in the translation.

When we start translating technical materials, we take care so that the documents meet all the requirements.

When we translate texts relating to construction law, we not only take care of the linguistic aspects of the translation, but also translate in such a way as to take into account the discrepancies between the two legal systems.

Construction translations 13
The benefits that construction translations will give you:
  • Your documents are translated by a supertranslator, a person who is both a translator and an expert in the construction sector.
  • Accuracy to the nearest comma. In translating words, terms and figures, we are as precise as civil engineers.
  • Quality. Our translators are also experts, which can be seen in the flawlessness of every translation.
  • Short lead times. We work efficiently and reliably, so you can be certain that your operations will run smoothly.
  • Guarantee of data and information confidentiality.

Here is how it works:


You contact us.


We receive a request from you for a quotation of construction documents


We assess a level of difficulty and the time required to complete the translation.


You will receive an order quotation from us (cost + deadline for the construction translation).


Once we have received a “green light” from you, we immediately start translating.


We provide you with a construction translation. You can use it immediately in a project, or provide it to your business partner or client.

1. Your time is important to us, which is why 30 minutes is the true and maximum waiting time for a construction translation quotation.

2. Natural persons are asked to pay in advance. This is a standard procedure practised in our translation agency. Use online payment or make a bank transfer.

Are construction translations a service your company is interested in? Or is it a construction translation for your private purposes? Regardless of the need or your situation, we perform every construction translation to the highest standard. Our translators specialising in construction are experts you can rely on.

You can rely on us!

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Construction translations

We will proofread construction translations to make each document legible and correct for your customers, business partners or the audience of target texts.

Construction translations 15

We can help you with documents requiring specialised knowledge

Construction translations are mostly specialised translations that should be placed in the hands of a professional. We have such experts!

Construction translations 16

We will prepare translations of legal documents

We understand that construction projects involve also texts of a legal nature. Our translators specialising in law will help you translate them!

Construction translations 17

We provide standard and certified (authenticated) translations

Are you looking for someone who is a real specialist in construction? In our translation agency you will find experts in your field!

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Documented quality

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Our specialisations:


Construction translations performed by supertranslators

Construction is an industry for experts only. Each translation is performed by a supertranslator, i.e. a person who is both a specialist and a translator.


Translations for professionals

We support small, medium-sized and large companies in handling international projects that require attention to the smallest detail.


Translations from and into 42 world languages

We can help you with projects dedicated to foreign markets. Our experts are proficient in 42 world languages!


Industry-specific language translations

We are not only familiar with foreign languages, but also with the language of the construction industry. We operate freely with the jargon of engineers and the current terminology used by specialists.


We are experts in technical translations

We understand the operation of machinery and equipment. We are familiar with projects carried out by engineers. We are fluent in the language of technology.


We are experts in legal translations

Construction translations also include legal documents which enable conducting activities on foreign markets. Our specialists are not only familiar with foreign languages, but also with the legal language. They also understand how the law works.

You can order supertranslations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

Even more information on construction translations:

In the translation of building materials, quality is not just an empty word. Texts relating to the electrical connection of the building must be translated accurately so that a mistake does not cause a fire. The offer of construction companies to customers in another country should be translated in such a way that it fulfils an informative function and engages prospective customers.

Texts on the technical side of building erection must be translated down to the millimetre so that the building does not collapse.

Do you need professional translation in the construction industry? We offer the following types of translations:

  • translations of construction and building documents,
  • translations for the construction industry – standard and certified,
  • specialised translations for construction work or building projects,
  • technical translations (e.g. operation manuals, construction documents, building licences, technical drawings),
  • we provide translations from and into 42 world languages, including translation into and from English,

Also: expedited translations of construction industry documents – our team of translators will perform translations at the same top level, but at an express pace.

Buildings collapsed due to poorly translated building materials. Translation mistakes led to misunderstandings between clients and companies. Incorrect translations resulted in student’s books with errors.

Nothing like that will happen to you at the SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency. We employ professional translators who, unlike amateurs, know their craft.

Why is it a good idea to entrust your construction translation to us?

  • We are accurate, precise and reliable. You need someone reliable and someone you can trust to translate building materials. Our translators are specialists who know your industry.
  • We guarantee technical correctness, a high linguistic level and the performance of a reliable translation that will “work” for your purpose.
  • Access to non-sworn and sworn translators who specialise in different sectors.
  • We are able to carry out even the most complex projects – we select translators whose experience and knowledge will enable us to complete any construction project.

On top of this: quick quotations of orders, fair and attractive prices and specialists with a good reputation among clients.

SUPERTŁUMACZ® is a translation agency capable of “building” translations characterised by reliability. Do you need just such construction translations? Get in touch with us!