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Translation of scientific texts – SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agencyTranslating scientific texts is the highest level of translation difficulty. Here, every atom of text must be correct. In the case of theoretical physics – literally.

We all want scientists developing new medicines to understand each other well. Someday our lives may depend on it. If our child is to become an astronaut in the future, his or her rocket must be safe and reliable – and there are people working on it who communicate in many languages every day.

Ask for a serious scientific translation.

Translation of scientific texts: why should you choose our offer?

The Fields Medal is sometimes referred to as the Nobel Prize in mathematics – it is the highest, most recognised scientific award in the mathematical community. With the same seriousness with which mathematicians calculate the next remarkable breakthrough in their field, we look at every word, sentence and paragraph in the text provided by the client.

By definition, a scientific translation must be rigorously clear and extremely consistent with the original text. There is no room here for cultural differences or local character. The language of science must be understood in every country, just as the same laws of physics work in every country. Otherwise, it would not be science at all.

“No one understands the world they live in, but some are better at it than others” Richard Feynman

Precision and the maintenance of scientific reliability is a priority for the translators and scientific consultants of SUPERTŁUMACZ®. Our translators are often active in research themselves; their linguistic and scientific competences complement each other, so we can be confident in the quality of their work. Our translators always have one goal in mind: scientific articles, a science website or a paper concerning knowledge in a particular field must have a flawless translation. A team of specialists ensures that there are no errors and makes sure that the translation of scientific texts is carried out to the highest standard.

Types of translation of scientific texts you will find in our offer

The Lasker Award is the highest American honour in medical science. A huge number of its winners later win a Nobel Prize; interestingly, it was funded by Albert Lasker and his wife, an advertising pioneer (author of, among other things, the first Lucky Strikes campaigns and the man who invented soap operas as a television format).

A scientific text does not advertise anything. It promotes clarity, knowledge and an insightful view of reality. Science, in essence, is supposed to improve this reality. Therefore, he/she must understand it well. A scientific translation that does not help with it is not a translation. The translated text must ‘work’ as the author of the original text designed it. These are often years of research work – which is why we take this work very seriously.

Good, professional scientific translation should open up new perspectives for colleagues reading the work in new countries, e.g. at a conference or in a scientific journal. It should raise wise questions and foster pertinent answers. Professionalism comes naturally to us, but achieving excellence on a scientific level is much more challenging. It takes someone special to do this kind of translation.

Our translations are meant to be practical in an everyday sense and in a scientific sense. The professionals who order them from us have clear objectives and know exactly what they want to say and to whom they are directing the words. Often it is even a small group of researchers on a particular topic who know each other from congresses and published papers. Scientific clarity is then the key. We write to people who will understand the most difficult text, but will not tolerate cluttered thinking.

We are proud to be able to help them in their careers and, in their small specialisation, to contribute to a smoother flow of information and, one day, perhaps to advancement in a particular field of science.

“Any fool can know something. The point is to understand”. – Albert Einstein

We offer:

  • translation of scientific texts (translation of scientific publications, translation of scientific papers, translation of online scientific articles, etc.)
  • broad range of fields (medicine – we translate medical texts, IT, economics, technical sciences, construction, psychology, humanities, HR, agriculture, finance)
  • cooperation with scientific consultants working in the language of translation
  • translation of specialised scientific texts
  • standard translation of scientific texts
  • certified translations of scientific texts
  • translation of scientific texts into 42 languages (e.g. scientific translation into English, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese)
  • translation of scientific texts from 42 languages (e.g. translation into Polish from English, Hungarian, Norwegian)
  • online translator of scientific texts
  • scientific translations – translations of the highest quality, with professional terminology and impeccable content
  • chemical translations
  • provide access to scientific translators experienced in translation
  • quality of translation guaranteed by high class translators (among them you will find professional translators specialised in a particular branch of science, native speakers with a degree in a specific field or translators cooperating with scientists)
  • free quotation for the service (a price list and the earliest possible completion date are sent by our translation agency within 30 minutes after sending us a contact email).

The cost of professional scientific translation. What does the price depend on?

Discoveries, experiments, development, research, progress – all these things and many more require dedication and work. Science is the domain of experts, specialists, researchers, scientists. An amateur doing scientific translation sounds like an oxymoron. This kind of translation requires professionals.

Technical and scientific translations often have a very different price list. The price is influenced, for example, by the deadline for completion of the job, the presence of specialised terminology and the language of science, the specific field of scientific research, the target language or the number of pages to be translated. Take into account that sometimes additional (external) proofreading or editing is necessary – the work of one translator is verified by a second specialist. This is how perfection is born.

We offer professional translations of scientific texts in a wide range of fields at a reasonable and well-balanced price – attractive, but real and affordable for you.

Important: the quotation is free of charge – we do it for clients (for you too) quickly. In addition, we present to you the fastest possible lead time.

“Einstein” should not be translated as “Onerock”.
How to choose a good scientific translator?

In scientific translation, not everything is translated. That is why it is so difficult. You need to know what is a scientific term, what is part of slang and what belongs in a proper, fully translatable text. Some terms come from Latin, others from English, and they are used in the same form all over the world, in all the languages in which scientists work. Translators either know it or they do not. They cannot rely on intuition.

To do otherwise would be like translating the names of scientists. ‘Ein stein’ means ‘one rock’ in German, but after all, no one would recognise this as a part of the German text to be translated. This goes without saying, but many other issues are not so simple.

The solution is a bilingual expert with extensive experience. In the SUPERTŁUMACZ® team, you will find consultants and academics from a wide range of fields who can help you convey all the important information in the language you currently need. The language of science itself is universal, but to make it work as it should, a translator of the languages spoken by scientists is needed. For example, SUPERTŁUMACZ®.

Others may offer, or rather say, that they will do any translation for you. We do not make empty promises, we use facts, figures and experience. Our experts performing specialised scientific translations or scientific translations of articles for a local journal will always make sure that you will get a translation of the highest quality. If you choose, choose only specialists for whom quality is the standard.

So when you need someone who is both a translator and an expert in a particular field – our SUPERTŁUMACZ® team is at your service. Send us the material for translation and we will make the perfect translation.

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