Legal and juridical translations

Legal translations – SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency. The legal translator is supposed to be like your Guardian Angel in a suit with the knowledge and experience of a lawyer. Only then will you be sure that it is someone suitable and trustworthy. This is important because the law is serious. Here you will not say: “I did not know” or “I did not know this provision”.

There is no shirking, burying your head in the sand or running away. It is true that the ignorance of law is harmful. So it is better to have someone by your side to support you. For example, Supertranslator.

The legal translation service is:


A team of professional translators specialising in law.


Online ordering - you can place an order from your law firm, office or home.


Support in legal translations into 42 languages.


Quotation within 30 minutes of sending us the documents.


Legal translations that meet the highest standards. ISO 9001:2015.


5.0 - average rating on Google given by our clients.

Supertranslate the law

Others may tell you “we will do our best”. We will tell you: “we guarantee 100% high quality to you”. What will you choose? Certainly a supertranslation of the law (are we right…?). Of course, nothing comes easy. Our strengths are the masters of a language or even two languages, as well as top-notch specialists in the legal field.

You probably will not mind if the translator you entrust with the task of translation is meticulous, perfect and conscientious. On top of this, they are characterised by their reliability, their understanding of the material they work with and their linguistic knowledge. Your respect should also be commanded by our deep legal and linguistic knowledge. The ease of doing top-notch translation is also bound to be a plus.

SUPERTŁUMACZ® also means consistent terminology, effective and efficient cooperation, a translation that meets your guidelines and complies with current legislation. It is also the highest level of knowledge, verification of legal translations, fast and pleasant translation process.

Also, a quotation in 30 minutes – send us an email with the material you want to be translated. In response, we will send you a price and the fastest real lead time. Then it is on to a collaboration that you will be really happy with. Because the results will speak for themselves. Translating the law? Only supertranslating!

Most often, we provide the following translations:

  • civil law contracts
  • statements of claim, pleadings
  • interpretation of judgments and judicial sentences
  • administrative decisions and certificates
  • insurance policies
  • credit documents
  • tender documents
  • school certificates
  • applications, certificates, forms
  • legal acts
Legal translations 13

Law requires a combination of perfection and knowledge, which is why our legal translations mean:

  • Effectiveness. Our translations ‘work’ in offices, courts and business.
  • Quality. A guarantee of the highest level of translation quality. They are translated by experts familiar with the language of the law and legal language.
  • Fair prices. With us, you pay for what you order.
  • Short translation lead times.
  • Guarantee of data confidentiality.

The SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency has been helping to interpret the law and correctly translate legal and juridical documents into 42 languages since 2008.

Check it out how it works!


You contact us.


You ask for a quotation for your material.


We analyse the documents or texts sent.


Presentation of cooperation proposals.


We choose a translator specialised in law.


We prepare legal translations that meet your guidelines.

1. We value your time and each of our Clients. We quote legal translations within 30 minutes after receiving your request.

2. If you wish to order our legal translation service as a natural person, we kindly ask for a prepayment. You have a choice of online payments and bank transfers. Choose the option that suits you best.

Do you need legal translations for work or personal matters? Is quality crucial for you? Legal translation is one of the most popular services at our SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency.

We have helped hundreds of clients translate legal documents since 2008. Each of our legal translators is an expert in the legal field, so you can be sure that they will take care of the smallest detail of the translation.

We enable our clients to access a comprehensive service. We can help you with:

Legal translations 14

Highly complex translations

We translate content written by professionals and dedicated to professionals.

Legal translations 15

We will proofread the translation

The law is all about details, so we will ensure that the documents sound clear, lucid and correct.

Legal translations 16

Standard translations

We will support you with any text written in a legal language.

Legal translations 17

Certified (sworn) translations

Documents are translated by a sworn translator.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Documented quality

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How can you contact us?

Feel free to call or write to our Customer Service Office.

Our specializations


Legal translation into 42 languages

Our specialists are great translators and equally great lawyers. With their help, you will handle any matter requiring knowledge of foreign legal documents.


Standard translations and certified translations

In our team you will find specialists who can help you with any issue. When a document needs to be authenticated, we will pass the assignment on to a specialist sworn translator.


Legal translations for companies

We can help you with the translation of company establishment documents, work regulations or confidentiality agreements.


Legal translations for private individuals

We will translate notarial deeds, court documents or registration documents for you. With the help of our translators, you will be able to handle any matter quickly and efficiently.


Translation of legal publications

Not only do we speak 42 foreign languages, but we also know the legal language spoken in various countries around the world. We will support you in the process of translating legal and scientific articles and publications intended for students or lawyers.


Technical translations in the field of law

We will stitch all the details up where the paths of law and technology intersect.

We understand our clients' needs, we know the law and we carefully select the right specialist for each assignment. We are delighted that the results of our work are appreciated - on Google we are rated 5.0!

Find out more about legal translations:

We will tell you what the whole secret of translating legal texts is. The recipe has nothing to do with any secret knowledge. It is a choice. One word, and it really means a lot. You can choose a translator renowned for/her his great knowledge of the language you are interested in, or a group of translators and proofreaders who can do literally anything with a word in translation.

Without knowledge of the law, such a specialist will be of no use to you. Instead of the laurels of victory and achieving the specific goals, you will get shattered nerves, mistakes costing the image, financial and time losses, and a sense of disappointment. Or you can choose a lawyer who is regarded as a brilliant mind and a first-rate specialist who has not lost a single case and is valued by every client he/she has worked with. However, if he or she is not a professional translator, mistakes or shortcomings are more than certain.

How about working with someone who is both a translator and a lawyer? It is such a two-in-one, killing two birds with one stone. At our translation agency, we always entrust the translation process to selected specialists.

  • This is usually a professional translator with a degree in legal studies or a professional translator specialised in law.
  • We also have lawyers translating for us. A lot of professional lawyers are translators – in this way we can guarantee supertranslations in the legal field.
  • And sometimes a translator works with a particular legal expert.
  • Our translators have an excellent understanding of legal terms, they have specialised knowledge, keep abreast of industry news and are excellent specialists in the target language. They are also appreciated by clients – they are valued for their contact and communication, all the necessary competence and ability to work with documents from different branches of the law.

All this is in order to have someone with experience and knowledge of linguistics and the law working for you.

What do you think?

I am sure you have heard ‘There’s no clever way to do it’ many times. These words are usually said to underline the fact that there are situations, issues against which you are helpless. And we tell you: there are smart people for that. Professionals, specialists, experts, masters, pundits. You can call them by different names, there is always someone worth having by your side. For not only is the law by regulation divided into domestic (constitutional, civil, labour, criminal, administrative, family and guardianship, financial, tax, commercial) and international, but it does not stop there.

Due to the subject matter, one may be dealing with copyright, banking, construction, customs, human, child, energy, canon, constitutional, armed conflict, aviation, medical , international, scientific, traffic, environmental, tax, press, agricultural, bankruptcy or religious law. That is not all! There are also legal sciences: legal dogmatics, general legal sciences, and legal historical sciences.

As you can see, professional legal translations are essential, so that you gain rather than lose on matters related to the translation of documents and material that you need here and now. Investing always starts with making smart choices.

The cost of legal industry texts is not only a set price to pay, but also the certainty that you will achieve your goal within a strict timeframe. It also means a guarantee of impeccability, accuracy and reliability.

Specialised legal translations of documents are needed by public and social authorities, various institutions, companies, banks, show business representatives, law firms and even book publishers. Ordinary mortals, too.

SUPERTŁUMACZ® translates from English, German or Norwegian, but also into Portuguese or Chinese. You will find 42 languages in our offer. Each of our translations is a precise and accurate rendering of the content, respecting the applicable regulations of the target language country.

We will prepare for you:

  • standard legal translations
  • certified translations provided by a sworn translator specialising in a particular foreign language
  • translations of legal and juridical documents (e.g. notarial deeds, lawsuits, company establishment documents, court documents, translations of pleadings, registration documents, codes, land and mortgage registers, licences, court judgments, employment regulations, statutes, confidentiality agreements, KRS applications and entries, specimen signatures, orders, regulations, letters of attorney)
  • we translate content of textbooks
  • technical translations in the legal field
  • specialised translations concerning law and other fields (e.g. medical translations, financial translations), other legal documents written in legal language (laws, regulations)
  • legal analyses
  • scientific articles
  • online legal translator – withoutleaving home; simple, fast and efficient!
  • translation into 42 foreign languages (e.g. translation of legal texts into English, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese or other languages)
  • translation from 42 foreign languages into Polish or in other language combinations (French legal translator)
  • we offer a variety of translation services – our translators guarantee the highest quality of translation regardless of the type of text and language.

Texts written in a legal language have a real power. The law affects a person’s life, the reality around them, their job, a court judgement, losing or keeping money. Certified and standard translations related to this field must be marked by thoroughness, insight into the source material, consistency of terminology in both languages and, above all, flawlessness.

We provide legal translations to help our clients – to support you in your operations and help you in your time of need. They are meant to work, and for that to happen, they must be impeccably prepared. The quality of the services we provide is rated as super. It does not matter whether we work with scientific texts, have acts in our hands or translate large text files from the law.

Documents written in a legal language require high quality translation. The SUPERTŁUMACZ® team is a group of qualified translators and legal experts waiting to help you. The power is with those who supertranslate the law!

Feel free to contact us – we will provide you with all the information you need about the activities and services of our translation agency (you can contact us either by phone or email). We invite you to cooperate with us!