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Translation of car documents – SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency. Car translations should be, need to be and are worth and advised to be handed over to a professional. An expert who simply knows cars and car-related matters. Let us say you have bought the Jaguar E-Type Mk1 of your dreams. It has a wonderful red lustrous colour. You parked it next to your property. Suddenly a stranger approaches and asks: ‘can I have a ride?’. Would you allow it? Rather not, certainly not! You do not give your car keys to an unknown person.


The same goes for translating car documents online or by traditional means. You would not entrust a serious matter to any Tom, Dick or Harry who provides a translation service.  So get a translator behind the wheel who can steer your case in the right direction.


Find out what our car document translation service consists of:


An experienced team of translators - we have been translating car documents for you since 2008.


A service designed to suit your needs - get everything done online!


Access to translators who will help you with car documents in 42 languages.


Superfast quotation - we value your time, which is why we quote the cost of the service within 30 minutes of sending us the documents.


We are committed to the highest industry standards - this is confirmed, among other things, by our ISO 9001:2015 certification.


We enjoy the trust of our clients - on Google we are rated 5.0.

A lot of car makes, a lot of types of car documents to translate. And what do you need?

As there are a lot of makes of cars in the world (e.g. Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Kia, Opel), you may need to translate all the sorts of documents for a car imported from abroad. As an experienced translation agency, we first advise you to go to your Department of Motor Vehicles and make 100% sure which documents you need and which require a sworn translator.

Having this knowledge, you “steer the car” to us. The easiest way is to call our translation agency or email/contact us via the contact form on our website. We can offer you quick contact and a quotation (price list and completion date) up to 30 minutes after you send us the material to be translated.

Right. So we have already established some important points, now let us get down to specifics. Would you like to refer your car issues to us? You hit the jackpot! What can we help you with?

  • standard translation and standard translation of car documents (in the latter case, the translation is carried out by a sworn translator) ready for use the moment they are handed over to you
  • translation of a registration document
  • translation of the purchase and sale agreement of the car or proof of purchase of the car you wish to import
  • translation of the vehicle title deed confirming that you are the new owner of the car or cars
  • translation of the technical proof
  • translation of customs clearance and excise documents
  • translations required to register a car at the office
  • with us you will be able to register vehicles imported from other countries quickly and without any problems
  • translations for the transport sector from and into 43 languages (from German into Polish and English into Polish)
  • on top of that: confidentiality of personal data, access to supertranslators, best customer contact and quality guarantee!
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Advantages of our car document translations:

  • Effectiveness. This is how we translate your car documents so that you can get things done quickly at the office.
  • The highest level of translation.
  • Short translation lead times.

More than 36,000 clients are satisfied with the quality of our services.

Find out how to order supertranslations of car documents!


Contact us.


Request a quotation for car documents.


“We look at” the documents sent to assess their level of difficulty and the time needed for their translation.


You receive a quotation and the terms and conditions of cooperation from us.


We get down to work - we translate the car documents you need.


You receive a translation of your car documents, which you can immediately submit to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

1. We value your time. We guarantee 30-minute waiting time for a quotation (*this is until the moment you receive the quotation from us).

2. Are you a natural person? In accordance with our rules for working with individuals, we will ask you for a prepayment. Use online payment or make a bank transfer.

Do you need car document translations to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles or for other purposes? Do you care about short lead time and quality of translation?

For many years, our company SUPERTŁUMACZ® has been providing translation services for car documents in many foreign languages. Whether translating from English or French into Polish, we always do it at the highest level.

How can we help you?

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Specialised translations

We help companies and organisations with various documents and content related to the car industry.

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Correction of the translation language

Our service will make the text correct and clearer to read.

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Handling of all car documents

You can give us both the registration certificate and the customs clearance documents.

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Certified (sworn) translation

Certified translations of car documents needed for car registration in Poland.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Documented quality

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Ordering car document translations from our translation agency is simple.

Call or email us so we can start working together! We will also answer all your questions.

Our specializations


CV translations

With us, you will get things done efficiently at any office! Our specialists speak 42 languages, including English, French, German or Italian.


Translations of car documents that 'work' at the office

He/she will translate your vehicle registration certificate or purchase and sale agreement in such a way that the clerk at the window of the Communication Department will accept your documents. Our car translations really ‘work’!


Translation of customs clearance and excise documents

We also support those clients who need to translate excise or customs clearance documents.


One translation agency, all types of documents

We translate all types of documents with you and other clients in mind.


Motorcycle translations

We can also help you with the registration documents of your motorcycle!


Translation by experts

Translations of car documents are in most cases certified translations. Here you will find professionals who have the necessary authority to authenticate original documents.

Join a group of clients for whom quality is paramount. We have been translating car documents since 2008!

Get to know our service better:

Importing cars from abroad requires translating certain documents. Depending on the country and your situation, this could be a purchase and sale agreement, registration document, payment invoice, proof of ownership, vehicle cards or something else. We have a good piece of advice, before you hand your car over to a particular translator, check whether the translation agency or translator-freelancer in question provides services in the language of the country where your car comes from. Also consider that these types of translations may require the involvement of a sworn translator.

Where are we going? Do you need car document translation from the Netherlands, car document translation from Italian, or perhaps car document translation from SwedenSUPERTŁUMACZ® supports such directions as:

  • England
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Spain
  • the Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Italy

Do you need a translation of the registration certificate or other document of a car from a country not on the list above? Contact us – we are here to help you.

You always have to reckon with the costs: both in buying cars and in translations. When you buy an old, decrepit car you will not get very far with it if you start it at all. The same applies to the translation of documents for car registration. Professional translation is a cost and an investment in one.

Car document translations at our translation agency have prices to suit every budget, including yours. It is worth emphasising that the rates are appropriate to the length and complexity of the order, but above all friendly to you, the client. In turn, the translation process itself is quick – the end of the translation of the registration book and other registration documents you need to translate is also the end of the paperwork for you.

For an actual quotation for the documents of your car imported from England, Germany, France or the Netherlands, contact our customer service department. Simply call or write a message via the contact form. Receiving an order estimate is completely free of charge and does not commit you to anything. It is worth knowing how much it costs to translate the content in question.

So? Are we going with car paper translations? Supertranslate the documents needed.

Importing a car from abroad and the consequent need for a professional translation of the necessary documents is a serious matter, as it involves formalities and it should be in compliance with the applicable law. Do not ignore these, because the law is the law and it must be respected.

The fact is that such registration of a vehicle imported from abroad, purchase and sale agreements, invoices or whatever, are not poetry or material on complex medical surgery procedures. The translation of the documents necessary for registration must fall into the hands of a professional. Papers drew up in a foreign language and translated incorrectly and, to make things worse, with errors, cause problems. And you do not want that.

Cheap car document translations are tempting. Fast translations are often badly needed. Bet on a supertranslator, because he/she does not tempt, but offers attractive and fair prices, appropriate to the work he/she is expected to do. He/she is able to offer express translation, but tells you clearly that this obviously costs more. If you want to translate the documents you need for registration, do it with a specialist. You will get further with him/her!

By working with an expert, everything will go smoothly. Ideally, of course, it should be SUPERTŁUMACZ®.

You bought your beautiful and coveted car not to have it standing in the garage now. It is worth going to a supertranslator as soon as possible to deal with your case. A car imported from abroad is there for you to use, get in and drive around, or even make a trip.

Collect the documents needed to register a car imported from another country (e.g. vehicle registration certificate or technical inspection certificates). Agree on what to do and how to do it, so that you can enjoy your four-wheel gem as soon as possible.