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Jeff Bezos probably needs no introduction. He is the founder and CEO of Amazon, as well as the richest man in the world of the 2019 Forbes ranking. Just behind him are: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. If you want to be like them, think like business people. Plan, act, achieve your goals, reach for your dreams, do not be afraid to succeed.

And when you want to do business and you need a business translator to do so, think about supertranslating your texts, documents and various materials. Choosing a business translation provider is the first important step to do good, serious and valuable business overseas.

“The only way to discover the limits of possible is to go beyond them into the impossible” – Arthur C. Clarke

Business supertranslations are:


Experienced team of translators - we have been providing translations since 2008.


Service available online - order translations from your office or home.


Translations into 42 languages.


Superfast quotation - we need a maximum of 30 minutes to provide you with our proposal for collaboration.


Quality confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 certificate.


5.0 on Google – customers are satisfied with our work.

Why should you use the business translations we offer?

Business translations are like an airline ticket that needs to be bought in order to move quickly to a place of interest on the map of Europe or the world. You go to the carrier’s website, search for your chosen destination, complete the formalities, pay – click – done! A journey, adventure, challenges and opportunities wait for you.

Business translations are also like bridges thrown between countries and continents so that you can move across them efficiently and safely. Thanks to the skills of professional translators, anything is possible. You can speak to every person on the planet, get as close to them as you can and tell them about your business, product, service, idea.

Business translations for companies also involves working with a professional translator. Sometimes it is tempting to go to someone cheaper, but… Do you want to grow your business, take it to a new level, reach the stars? Think like Warren Buffett, who used to say that “price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. So think of it this way: professional translations are an investment that will more than pay for itself.

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What can supertranslations of business documents offer to you?

  • The opportunity to work with specialists who know how business works.
  • Effectiveness of action. Our translations help you do business on foreign markets.
  • Top quality. We will translate every document and text for you accurately, precisely and reliably.
  • Short lead times.

How do business supertranslations work?


Contact our Customer Service Office.


Request a quotation for a business material.


Analysis of the documents or texts sent by you.


Presentation of cooperation proposals.


Starting work on business translation.


Handing business translation over to you.

1. 99% of our clients receive a quotation in less than the guaranteed 30 minutes from the moment we receive their enquiry.

2. Would you like to order our service as an individual? Natural persons are requested to pay in advance. You can use the online payment method or make a traditional bank transfer.

Is business translation a service you are interested in? Do you care about high quality business translations? Our SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency has been supporting the business world for many years now.

Our translators are experts specialising in a variety of subjects who help entrepreneurs and companies operating on many markets around the world every day.

This is what we can do for you:

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We translate specialised texts

Do you need someone who knows law or tourism? You will find the right specialists in our translation agency.

Business translations 15

Verification of content for linguistic correctness

Not only do we translate, but we also make sure that the text sounds as good as possible in terms of style and syntax.

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Translation of standard texts

Are you looking for someone to translate your content for your internal business needs or to prepare a commercial offer? We are happy to help you with the translation.

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Sworn translations

Do you need a trustworthy sworn translator? Hand the job over to us.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Documented quality

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Grow in strength with Supertłumacz

Would you like to order a business translation from our specialist? If so, call us, send an email or a message via the form on our website.

Our industries


Translation of business documents

We speak the language of business people and we will help you sign a business contract, attend to the details in reports and professionally prepare business letters in a foreign language.


Translations for companies

Since 2008, we have been assisting small, medium and large companies in their efforts to target foreign markets.


Website translations that will help you get noticed online

We speak 42 languages, which is particularly valuable when creating a multilingual website.


Legal translations

We can help you with tender documents, applications and contracts. Our specialists have an excellent knowledge of the law and they are experts on legal issues.


Specialised translations

Being at the top requires perfection. We will support you in the translation of all documents and projects that should be entrusted to someone who is both a translator and a specialist.


Use supertranslators

English alone has 1.5 billion users. Chinese Mandarin is another 1.1 billion. Make the most of the world's most widely spoken languages! We will provide translations from and into 42 languages for you.

Since our translation agency was founded, we have focused on quality and reliability. Our business translations are your assurance that everything will go your way!

Find out more about our business translations:

Business translation prices – what to prepare for and what does the price depend on?

Jack Ma used to say: ‘hire the person best suited for the job, not the most talented. There is no point putting in a Boeing jet engine when you need to run a tractor.’ This is a very wise approach. Hence, at SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency, we match a translator to your company so that the translation process is of the highest standard and the specialist working with you almost reads your mind.

Note that one and the same specialist cannot be hired for every assignment. Commercial correspondence, a website dedicated to your business and, for example, a package of information dedicated to your customers, require different experience and skills. There is also the question of which language you will do your business translations in.

The right expert is someone who immediately feels and knows what you want from them. They are with you on the same wavelength. They know your industry very well. On top of that, they present the highest level of language. Their business translations are a real masterpiece.

The price of translation is first and foremost an investment for you, for your company, for the project you are currently undertaking. It is also a balanced rate that is appropriate to the assignment. With Supertranslators, you do not overpay – you pay for what you require.

Check it out for yourself!

Our highest quality of translation servicesis appreciated by financial and scientific institutions, local government bodies, local, national and international companies. We always offer translations to support your business, your cause, your actions, your goals and your dreams.

Our translation is characterised by flawlessness, a choice of vocabulary in line with standards and terminology most appropriate to the type of document, content or material we are translating into a foreign language (e.g. English, German, Italian, French or Chinese).

Business is about competition, racing to see who will be first, better, more innovative. There is no room for mistakes, errors and slip-ups here, because the odds are not like the buses that pull up to the stop every so often.

What can we offer to you?

  • written translations of a business language by our online business translator
  • we translate financial statements, minutes, as well as invoices and tax forms
  • we translate documents related to running the company (e.g. KRS, entry in CEIDG, NIP)
  • business translations of the text of licences, authorisations
  • commercial correspondence, commercial offers, commercial translations
  • we translate any information from the bank, assignment or contract (credit, loan)
  • we provide standard and certified translations for business
  • translation of business documents
  • we provide translations for marketing, websites or texts necessary for business operations.
  • top-quality business translations in 42 languages
  • business translations from 42 languages
  • you can also hire us for specialised translations in the field of business and related subjects
  • in addition to the standard translation service, we have an offer of fast-translation – it is up to you whether you need to take advantage of this option
  • the best contact at every stage of the translation process
  • maintaining complete data confidentiality
  • and, of course, for our clients, access to the best business translators in the industry from our translation agency – our translators are a team of the most highly regarded professionals.

Business translations by supertranslators is like an investment. We have written about this before. Become our client because the facts, figures, experience, knowledge and skills are on our side. The quotation is free of charge and completely without obligation. It is worth talking, asking, enquiring.

Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega or Bernard Arnault also started out once. If you feel that you want to grow, develop, act and take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities that come your way, make a good plan and act!

And for help with business translations, cooperate with SUPERTŁUMACZ®, a translation agency that has been helping and supporting business people to translate success from the Polish market to European and global markets since 2008. Write to us or call us – with us, translations are perfect in every aspect.