Great translations for business

Translations for companiesSUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency. Today, being good is far too little. As a professional aiming to make a mark on the European and global market, one needs to be very good, excellent, perfectionist, brilliant, exceptional, top-notch, and outstanding.

With you in mind, we have created translations designed for business. What sets us apart is that we are much more than ‘simply translators’. Our translation agency consists of supertranslators and high-class experts from your industry. It is thanks to their experience and knowledge that we can offer the highest quality, which which is the foundation of capital translations for business.

It is worth working with us because we are the only ones to give you access to a modern and comprehensive service designed specifically for you.

The quintessence of supertranslations for companies:


An experienced team of translators - our translation agency has been in existence since 2008.


Possibility to order translation for business online.


Experts proficient in 42 world languages.


Quotation within 30 minutes.


ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Clients rate us 5.0 on Google.

Let others see the expert and champion in you. What types of translation for business can you find in our offer?

You run a business and we do business translations so that your potential customers, recipients or readers from other countries and speaking other languages can learn that you exist, get to know your products or services and ultimately recognize you as a professional.

You can create perfect chairs, manufacture first-class car parts, develop otherworldly drug formulations, or run one of the best PR firms, but without the help of a professional translator who knows their stuff, no one will truly see who you are After all, you are a great professional, a champion and a company that really has a lot to offer. Just let the translator show it in the foreign language.

Of course, you need to know how to present yourself on the international stage. The translation process is not only about translating words in contracts, presentations, or advertising materials from one language to another but also about presenting your company, philosophy, and main ideas It also involves conveying content in a way that is clear, understandable, and appealing to the target audience

Translations for your business are:

  • standard translations, specialised translations and certified translations
  • professional business translations (translations for transport, mechanics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, PR agencies, etc.
  • all translations for business
  • translations for institutions
  • high-quality translations of materials from various sectors (technical – engineering and technology, medicine and pharmaceuticals, economics, law, business, finance, IT, advertising, and marketing)
  • translation of documents (contracts, official letters, web content, reports, business translations, book publications, instruction manuals)
  • assistance in the translation of web pages for companies
  • business translations into 42 foreign languages
  • business translations from 42 languages
  • we offer translation of texts in various language combinations

We are capable of providing express translations in various scopes and at different levels – regardless of the timeframe, we always take your orders seriously. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the case of translation for business (e.g. specialised translations for the medical sector, technical translations, marketing translations or the translation process related to publications), the translation serves both as an advertisement and as evidence that what you do is something valuable.

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What will you gain with supertranslations for business?

  • Access to a network of supertranslators. Our specialists will first listen to you and then help you present yourself the way you want to be perceived by your clients.
  • Effectiveness of activities conducted on foreign markets.
  • Quality guaranteed. We are reliable and care about your interests.
  • Speed. We realise that translations are part of a larger effort to target foreign markets, which is why we have a short order fulfilment deadline.
  • Prices appropriate to what you order.

Our business translations realistically enhance communication. We can boast of over 36,000 successful completed collaborations.

Are you wondering how business translations work? Check it out!


The client contacts us.


Our Customer Service Office receives a request for a cost estimate of the order.


We proceed to examine the documents.


We present a cost estimate and the fastest possible deadline for the translation implementation. Our offer is free of charge and does not commit you to anything.


We receive the 'green light' from the client and proceed with the execution of the business translation.


We provide the client with the finished translation.

1. We value each client’s time, which is why we quote each order within a maximum of 30 minutes after receiving your request.

2. Do you order translations for companies as an individual? In accordance with our terms and conditions, private clients are requested to make a prepayment (online payment or bank transfer).

Translation for companies is a service that you currently need? Are high quality and attention to detail of particular importance to you? We have been providing translations for companies from and into foreign languages for many years now.

This is one of the most popular services in our translation agency. Our translators are specialists who are knowledgeable in various industries and topics – every translation we do for business is of the highest quality.

How can we help you?

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We translate specialised text

Our specialists will prepare specialised translations. Construction, IT, transport? We have experts who know your industry.

Translations for companies 15

Correction of the translation language

We translate and proofread the translated text. This ensures that every document and content that comes out of our hands is professionally prepared.

Translations for companies 16

Translation of standard texts

We will prepare standard and certified translations.

Translations for companies 17

Certified (sworn) translation

We will support you in the translation of legal documents. Doing business involves signing contracts and many other documents that require knowledge of the law. Here you will find specialists to help you.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Documented quality

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Would you like to order a business translation from our expert? You can fill in the form on our website or send us an e-mail.

Please, feel free to call us. We are here to help you!

Our specializations


CV translations

Every success starts with attention to quality. We are aware of this, which is why supertranslators translate for you.


Translations for companies

We have been supporting activities of companies on foreign markets since 2008. We help you start, as well as increase your reach in other countries.


Website translations

Your customers are 'out there somewhere', we will help you reach them. Our specialists speak 42 languages!


Legal translations

Licences, work regulations, statutes, contracts - documents keep no secrets from us. We know the law and we know the legal language.


Medical translations

We understand that running a business and growing requires different measures. We will translate your insurance documents, financial statements and the commercial contract you want to sign with your business partner. We will, of course, do it perfectly, so that your actions can be successful.


Technical translations

The 36,000 clients satisfied with our services is no coincidence. Since our translation agency was founded, we have cared about the quality of every translation. Our specialists are the key. They know the foreign language and they are experts in your industry!

We translate not only the words, but also their meaning. Our clients value us for our super services.

Find out more about translations for companies:

An important part of the translation service for companies is what takes place even before the actual translation process. You come to us and we will shake your hand virtually. You present your case, show us the material for translation from or into a foreign language. We first take a moment to look at them carefully.

We need this insight in order to not only provide you with a quotation and lead time, but to select the proper translator. Think of how much damage a presentation of your company from the beauty industry by an economics specialist would do… Besides, it is ridiculous. Such pairs must not be combined. What is needed here is chemistry, common ground and language.

Not only do we place importance on a good approach to you, but also our translators need to know how to approach your client so that you have the opportunity to reach them in real terms. This is important everywhere, but it is a priority for everyone in sales – here finding and involving new customers is the core of the business.

So we bet on choosing someone who will be a perfect fit for the role of your agent. Someone who is marked by professionalism, an individual approach, attention to every detail of translation, experience and knowledge, as well as trust.

Others may forget about it, we remember. We will introduce you in such a way that you will get noticed, have the opportunity to attract new potential clients, audience or readers and engage them to buy your product or service, for example. This is not interpreting, where different rules apply. Remember, you can only make a first impression once. Then, do it decently, impressively and efficiently and with the ‘assistance’ of the right specialist. Our translation agency for companies is indeed a very good choice.

Nobody likes to be disappointed, right? You certainly do not want your potential customer, viewer or reader to have a look on their faces that unequivocally says they are disappointed with your company. As they say, you do not judge a book by its cover. Content also matters. Why are we telling you this? It is by no means our aim to smart off.

We would like to point out to you that, in the case of translations for companies (e.g. specialised translations for the medical sector, technical translations or the translation process concerning publications), the translation is both an advertisement and testimony to the fact that what you do is something of value. Then, how to translate so that the translation process brings the desired effect? For our company, the recipe for success is simple: let an expert speak on your behalf. Translations for companies provided by supertranslator are always highly rated.

A company is about acting, products and services. It is about money. You need someone suitable. Someone to help you enter a new market and get wherever you want to. Hence, we have native speakers, professional translators with a degree in your field, experts who gained experience in your country, experts in your field additionally involved in translation, as well as translators working with specialists.

Do you like having a pair? Because we pair up. We will find the most competent and suitable translator for your company. This way, you are provided with business translations carried out by the most proper specialist. You are working with a person who has an excellent knowledge of the foreign language in question, but who also speaks Polish correctly.

He is also an ace in your industry, he/she knows everything that there is to know about it and even more! As a professional and reliable person, he/she ensures that you will receive a translation for companies that meets your requirements within the agreed deadline.

If you want the clients to find your translations for companies as first-class, sensational and perfect work, consider working with professionals who can speak on your behalf.

What sets our offer apart from other language and translation services is our unquestionable professionalism. SUPERTŁUMACZ® offers translations for companies that are marked by the highest quality of service, express pace, competent translators, optimisation of costs and deadlines, clear rules of cooperation and the most advantageous promotions and loyalty programmes on the Internet.

We are more meticulous than anyone else. Clients value us for our accuracy. We translate for companies with extreme scrupulousness. Our specialists know what reliability means. We work on the translation until it reaches perfection. Of course, we not only ensure that the terminology is consistent, but we take responsibility for the entire translation process.

Our comprehensive service will make translation assignments for companies a pleasure, and one that really brings results. Bet on translations for companies that are described as sensational! Send us material for a free quotation – we will be happy to help you!