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Our quality is much higher than our price.

Our clients entrust us with documents on which their company’s growth or important life matters depend.

Every word has to match, every paragraph and page has to look the way the recipient of the text, such as an office or a contractor, requires.

In this way, supertranslators work for the future success of their clients.

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foreign language translation from or into Polish
EnglishPLN 49
BelarusianPLN 59
BulgarianPLN 79
CzechPLN 59
DanishPLN 89
FinnishPLN 107
FrenchPLN 52
SpanishPLN 52
JapanesePLN 147
LithuanianPLN 69
DutchPLN 79
GermanPLN 52
NorwegianPLN 89
PortuguesePLN 69
RussianPLN 45
RomanianPLN 79
SlovakPLN 79
SwedishPLN 89
TurkishPLN 89
UkrainianPLN 49
HungarianPLN 79
ItalianPLN 52

The prices quoted are net prices (to which 23% VAT must be added) for 1 billing page understood as 1600 typographic characters with spaces. The above price list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 §1 of the Civil Code. Prices may vary depending on the subject matter, scope, volume, individual characteristics of the subject of the translation and individual arrangements. For example, in the case of a substantial volume of text, there may be the possibility of a discount of up to 30%.

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