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Medical translations – SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency. “Health is the most important thing” – we hear this often. For us, in turn, the most important thing is the perfect translation of all health-related documents.

Here, everything can depend on a single sentence. The translator operates with words and meaning like a surgeon, taking care of every line, phrase or correct professional term.

From the translation of commercial offers to instruction manuals and specialised medical translations to scientific articles, we help our clients gain what they need: international recognition, grateful patients or contractors for years to come.

Elements that make up the medical supertranslation:


Experience - SUPERTŁUMACZ®'s history dates back to 2008.


A modern online service tailored to clients' needs.


Medical translations into 42 languages.


Superfast quotation - we need about 30 minutes to provide you with a proposal of cooperation.


ISO 9001:2015 - we meet industry standards.


5.0 - the average rating on Google given by our clients.

We work for and with doctors.
For and with scientists

SUPERTŁUMACZ® is a medical translation service for professionals: universities, pharmaceutical companies, independent researchers, private and public laboratories, manufacturers of medical or health-related equipment or products.

We work with texts from all specialisations and industries. Our client can be either a commercial manufacturer of surgical equipment or a researcher-neurologist who wants to gain foreign citations and advance his/her career with his/her article.

The topics and purposes of these texts vary, but one thing does not change – the superaccuracy of our supertranslators. Imagine an interpreter standing next to a doctor in his office or at a symposium and translating his/her every word live. The recipient – either the patient or professional colleagues – does not understand what the professional has said. They understand what the interpreter said. This is a huge responsibility and we are fully aware of it. That is why we work on medical translations just like this:

  • with precision to every word and term
  • open to learning from better ones
  • in consultation with specialists

Medical translations by SUPERTŁUMACZ® are a guarantee of translation quality. Regardless of the scope of medical translations, we prepare translations in a way like a doctor does his/her job: accurately, reliably and professionally. In these translations, precision is – literally – crucial for someone’s health or even life! It does not matter if we translate documents for a hospital, information for a patient on illness and treatment, or work with a pharmaceutical company – our translators are always committed to quality. Check it out! 

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Medical supertranslations bring you concrete benefits:
  • You have access to a team of translators and experts specialised in the medical field.
  • Translations marked by the highest degree of accuracy. We are precise and reliable.
  • Speed. We have short lead times.
  • Guarantee of data confidentiality. Our specialists are worthy of your trust.

How do medical supertranslations work? It is easier than you think!


Contact our Customer Service Office.


Request for a quotation for material in the medical field.


Analysis of the documents or texts you sent for translating.


Presentation of a proposal for cooperation - we provide a quotation and a lead time for the medical translation.


The client expresses a desire to work with us. We carry out a medical translation.


We send you the translation that we have prepared.

1. 30 minutes is the authentic and maximum time for quoting orders. (*This is our response time from the moment we receive the request for quotation from the client).

2. Individual clients who wish to order medical translations are requested to pre-pay. This is a standard procedure for working with individuals. You can choose to pay online or by bank transfer.

Is medical translation a service that you need right now? Do you care about handing over your documents to a specialist who provides only professional medical translations? The SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency has specialised in providing medical translation services from and into foreign languages for many years.

Our medical translators are professionals and specialists at the same time. This gives you the confidence that we will take care of every detail of your medical translation.

What can we do for you?

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Standard translations

We can help you translate all medical and human health content.

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Certified translations

Our sworn translator will prepare a translation of contracts or professional entitlements for you.

Medical translations 16

Specialised translations

We are familiar with the medical language and we know medicine. We can help you with all projects with a high level of complexity.

Medical translations 17

Proofreading of translated documents

Attention to the word and its correctness is as important here as attention to the highest level of content.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Documented quality

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Our specializations:


Medical translations performed with surgical precision

There is no room for a mistake in medicine. Our experts perform translations with surgical precision, so that the translation sounds identical to the original.


We supertranslate medicine

In our team you will find translators specialised in medicine, as well as doctors or professors who are also translators. They are always specialists who work at a superlevel.


Medical translations for patients

Do you need to translate a hospital discharge summary report, medical history or test results? No problem! We will help you with these!


Medical translations for companies

We support the operations of companies in the medical industry. We translate, among other things, commercial offers, production and technology documents or drug descriptions.


We carry out projects requiring specialised translations

We provide a professional translation service for research and scientific results, medical records or medical publications written by doctors, scientists and professors.


We will take care of perfection on your website

We understand that the human health and medical sector is moving with the times. We will support you in translating your website into 42 languages!

You can order super translations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

Find out more about the medical translations carried out by our supertranslators:

A good medical translation starts with an initial conversation Just like a doctor seeing a patient for the first time, we need to have a good understanding of the situation and of the client’s objectives for the translated document. For example, an advertising text on dietary supplements requires a different language than a scientific article written by a chemistry professor.

We translate such content in both cases, but there are different people working on those projects, vocabulary and consultation model are different. We work with experts on every medical translation: doctors, scientists in the relevant field, native speakers of the relevant speciality, and finally, the authors of the original text.

Medicine and medical science are fields where full clarity of expression is simply mandatory. There is no room for multiple interpretations here. The text after translation is supposed to convey the same message as before. It is not about literary excellence, it is about health. There is nothing more important. This is why we place so much importance on this first conversation about future translation.

Every translation therefore first faces examination. We look at it during the quotation – you send us the text that you want to be translated. We assess it and send you a price list for the translation along with a completion date and any comments or issues to discuss.

  • We have been providing professional translations in the medical field for many years.
  • Our translators are known for their knowledge, experience, skills. They have certificates and impeccable professional qualifications related to Polish and foreign languages and the subject matter in question.
  • The supertranslators know their stuff and they carry out their assignments with the utmost care.

We are valued and appreciated among clients – hundreds of individuals and companies are satisfied with our services.

Once we know our client’s objectives, we create a plan to achieve them. We create a plan of action like a meticulous scientist: we put people together as well as deadlines and budgets to achieve the desired effect at the end. Every word has its new, perfectly matched place, the meaning of the original is preserved in 100%, and a translator with the best knowledge of the medical field is chosen for the project.

Medical and pharmaceutical translations are concerned with medicine and pharmacy. We provide professional translations in the field of cardiology, but also specialised translations concerning clinical trials. When needed, our sworn translator will support you and carry out the translation for which his/her participation and expertise are essential.

It does not matter if we have information sheets, medical histories, text on surgery, paediatrics, laboratory tests, pharmaceutical translations, texts for medical companies or those on the operation of medical devices. We make a diagnosis just like a doctor. This way, English, Chinese, German, French or Italian does not get in the way of diagnosing your case.

The scope of medical translation, specialisation or language does not affect the level of translation. And the level is always: the best and the highest. We translate medical content well.

Due to the wide range of texts behind medical translations, quotation for specific material also varies. As it is not difficult to guess, translating a pharmaceutical company’s website requires a different kind of knowledge and skills than a medical examination for further treatment in, for example, cardiology. The language pair, level of difficulty or the client’s requirements affect the price.

If you want to have more information – call us or write to us!

To do this kind of work well, neither knowledge of the language nor knowledge of medicine is enough. It is more than that – the text has to take into account both professional knowledge and professional slang, idioms and word games in both languages.

When you add the responsibility associated with medical texts, you can see why medical translation is considered one of the most challenging in the industry. Medical translations affect people’s lives like few others. They simply have to be perfect. No one is as good translator as a scientist, and vice versa.

Fortunately, there is SUPERTŁUMACZ® which combines competencies and people to deliver a text of perfect quality.

We offer:

  • medical translations in a wide variety of fields (e.g. cardiology, surgery, epidemiology)
  • medical translations for companies (production, company sales offers, technologies, manuals, medical product descriptions, website, etc.)
  • specialised medical translations (scientific articles and publications, papers, translation of medical documentation: documents from laboratories and research centres, scientific studies, clinical trial protocols – we translate clinical trial documentation, etc.)
  • medical translation of contracts and medical records
  • translation of medical/scientific articles
  • professional medical translation of test results
  • insurance, credit, litigation, etc.)
  • medical translations for work (CV, letters of reference, etc.)
  • standard translations concerning medical documents and certified medical translations
  • We offer translations of medical equipment manuals, drug labels and leaflets,
  • certified medical translations
  • medical translations into 42 languages (e.g. medical translation into English, medical translation into German, medical translation into Spanish. We also offer to work with a specialist such as a Latin medical translator
  • medical translations in 42 languages
  • translation of medical texts relating to patient’s health
  • we also offer translations in the field of veterinary medicine
  • we have specialised translators with the experience and knowledge to provide translation in the fields of dentistry and pharmacy
  • we translate materials in a wide range of subjects, most often: medical equipment, brochures
  • we also offer services in related fields

However, online medical translations provided by us are much more than that. As a translation agency, we work to offer you access to the best translators of texts of a particular foreign language and in a particular field. We care about the level of performance, the consistency of specialised terminology and your satisfaction. We maintain confidentiality. It is worth working with us, because you absolutely need a professional for a medical translation.