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Arabic translations –SuperTłumacz® translation agency. Are you looking for professionals who can guarantee high quality translations from and into Arabic? We have been providing written translations for over 12 years! Free quotation within 30 minutes.

The Arabic language has something of an ancient ruler about it. It is dignified, inaccessible and has a huge reach.

It “reigns” in the Arab world (it has official status, e.g. in Saudi Arabia and Morocco), as well as outside it (it is used, among others, by the inhabitants of Iran and Senegal). It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world – it has approximately 274 million speakers.

The possibilities are as large and vast as the territory in which Arabic is spoken. Professional Arabic translations are your ticket to be successful in the Arab world. 

Supertranslations in numbers:


2008 - the year since we have been providing translations.


100% online - Our service allows you to order a translation


42 languages of the world - this is the number of languages we provide Arabic translations for.


30 minutes - we need max. half an hour to evaluate the texts.


ISO 9001:2015 - confirmation of the highest standards used by our translation agency.


5.0 - average rating given by our customers on Google.

Why do you need a good Arabic translator and what types of translations do we offer?

Knowing the phrases “ṣabāḥu l-ḫajri – صباح الخير” (“good morning”), “as-salāmu ‘alaykum – السلام عليكم” (“Peace be with you”) or “šukran – شكرا” (“thank you”) is enough only to show respect to the other person.

To make a deal with an Arab merchant, sign a contract of a lifetime or introduce a book to the Arab market, you need an Arabic translator who is a supertranslator.

Before Arabs decide whether they do business with someone, they first want to meet to get to know each other better. What matters most here is trust, and only then comes the time to talk about money. So let your material, when translated from Polish into Arabic, be the most valuable and amazing “meeting” in their lives. You will not be able to achieve this with a random Arabic translator from a photo from the press or the Internet, but with a supertranslator you can do it!

Arabic is a separate world, a different culture and civilization, a different mentality. It is like flying into space and seeing our reality from a completely different perspective. You can learn this language and even communicate quite effectively in it. However, this is far from enough when you want to do something seriously and perfectly.

Supertranslator is always your man on the mission of making a perfect translation “from” or “into” Arabic. He knows this language and the world inside out. He also knows how to translate professionally so that you get what you expect.

We offer:

  • certified translations from Arabic and standard written translations,
  • Arabic specialised translations – many industries, various types of documents,
  • medical and pharmaceutical translations of Arabic,
  • legal and legal Arabic translations (e.g. contracts, scientific publications, others),
  • translating texts for websites, blogs, social media,
  • translations into local dialects of Arabic,
  • Arabic-Polish translation and Polish-Arabic translation,
  • Arabic translations into 42 world languages,
  • Arabic translations from 42 world languages.

There is an Arabic proverb: “opportunities pass like clouds.” Catch them, the supertranslator will help you!

Arabic translations 13
We provide:
  • access to specialists known as supertranslators,
  • translations rated by customers at the level of 5.0,
  • fast execution,
  • rates corresponding to the level of difficulty of the texts,
  • confidentiality guarantee.

Arabic translation price list

Type of translationNet priceGross priceUnit of account
price of translation from Polish into ArabicPLN 107 PLN 131.61 1 page = 1600 characters with spaces
price of translation from Arabic into PolishPLN 107 PLN 131.61 1 page = 1600 characters with spaces
price of a sworn translation from Polish into ArabicPLN 149.80PLN 184.25 1 page = 1125 characters with spaces
price of a sworn translation from English into ArabicPLN 149.80 PLN 184.25 1 page = 1125 characters with spaces
price of proofreading the Arabic translationPLN 74.90PLN 92.131 page = 1600 characters with spaces

If the supertranslation is important, please send it to our super translator

Find out how Arabic supertranslation works!


Contact the Customer Service Office - you can call, use the form on the website or write an e-mail.


You express your interest in our service - you ask for a quotation for the materials you need.


You upload the texts you want to translate into Arabic. Our specialists analyse them to provide you with a project quotation.


You receive a cooperation offer. After hearing "yes, I accept the conditions presented", we take action.


Before we start translating from or into Arabic, we look for an appropriate translator.


We are working on translating Arabic. You receive the translation on the previously agreed date.

1. In 99% of cases, we provide the client with a quotation in less than 30 minutes.

2. Are you a natural person? If yes, we will ask you for an advance payment. Our translation agency accepts online payments and traditional bank transfers. Choose the most convenient form of payment for you.

Do you need standard and/or certified Polish-Arabic or Arabic-Polish written translations at work, school or company? Is the quality of Arabic translations important to you? We provide professional translations from Polish into Arabic and from Arabic into Polish.

By choosing our offer, you receive Arabic translation with a quality guarantee. Regardless of whether our translator translates from Polish into Arabic or from a foreign language into Polish, we take care of every detail.

This is what we can do for you:

Arabic translations 14

We translate specialised text

Are you looking for translations of scientific, medical, legal or other specialist texts? They are handled by specialists in our translation agency!

Arabic translations 15

Correction of the translation language

Thanks to our services, the text can be much easier to read. We offer proofreading for style and syntax.

Arabic translations 16

Translation of standard texts

Translating a cover letter, CV or resume is not a problem for us. Present your professional letter to the employer.

Arabic translations 17

Certified (sworn) translation

Entrust us with documents that require the care of the best translators - entrust us with certified translations.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Documented quality

Arabic translations 18

Arabic translations of FAQ

Yes. The quotation is free and non-binding. Please send us the text to translate to or from Arabic. The offer will include the exact cost and completion date.

For larger projects, it is possible to prepare a translation sample. If you have a lot of text to translate, send it to us. We will select its fragment and based on it we will prepare a translation into Arabic.

The possibility of express translation of the Arabic language is always determined after reviewing the text. Send us the material to be translated to our e-mail or use the form on our website. We will prepare for you a free and non-binding quotation with the earliest possible completion date.

Arabic translations are performed by professional translators. Additionally, depending on the field and type of documents being translated, we select appropriate specialists. And all this so that you could receive the highest quality Arabic translation.

Our specializations


CV translations

Convince an employer from an Arab country. Our specialists take into account the customs of the country, industry and specific company. This will increase your chances of getting your dream job.


Translations for companies

We make your activities effective wherever you want to reach new customers. We will translate Arabic into 42 languages of the world!


Website translations

We make you more visible online - with the help of our specialists you will reach recipients and customers at the local level.


Legal translations

We know the language of law and understand the language of lawyers - thus, we facilitate the handling of formal matters.


Medical translations

Our translators include doctors, researchers and professors who guarantee the high quality of each document and text.


Technical translations

Only professionals - engineers or scientists - translate with us, which contributes to translations made with precision down to the decimal point.

tłumaczenia biznesowe

Business translations

Since 2008, we have been helping companies achieve their success on the Arab market. We provide professional translations of contracts and all the documents for our clients' business.

tłumaczenia naukowe

Translations of scientific texts

Correct translation of scientific content is extremely important, because what matters here is accuracy, precision and reliability. We have been translating content from various fields of science for years, taking care of every detail.

tłumaczenia dokumentów samochodowych

Translations of car documents

We translate car documents that will enable the legalization of the vehicle in Polish transport departments.

tłumaczenia dokumentów motocyklowych

Translations of motorcycle documents

We translate motorcycle documentation with the support of the most experienced translators who know the translation of motorcycle documents like no one else.

tłumaczenia budowlane

Construction translations

We provide translations for the construction industry that will allow for precise and reliable execution of each construction project. We cooperate with specialists who will quickly and correctly translate any construction document.

tłumaczenia chemiczne

Chemical translations

Chemical translations require not only linguistic knowledge, but also chemistry knowledge. We provide professional translations of chemical documentation, which ensures error-free communication in various languages.

tłumaczenia instrukcji obsługi

Translations of user manuals

Correct translation of user manuals is necessary for companies offering goods on foreign markets. We support companies in achieving this goal.

tłumaczenia dokumentów

Document translations

We provide professional support in translating contracts, notarial deeds and all other documents. We make sure that every content we translate is professional and understandable in the target language.

If the supertranslation is important, please send it to our super translator

Want to learn more about our Arabic translation service? This information will definitely be useful to you!

Arabic is not only a profane language, but also a sacred one. As you well know, the Quran (‏القُرْآن‎, Al-Qur’ān) – the holy book of Islam – is written in it. If we take into account that there are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims living around the globe, you do not have to be Einstein to realize the true power of this language and translations into Arabic!

Everything indicates that the world of the Sacred will increasingly be mixed with the Profane. Data from the Pew Research Center indicate that by 2050 the number of Muslims will increase by 73%. What does this mean to you? If you are looking to the future and towards the Muslim world, an Arabic translator is someone who is worth and should be contacted.

The Arabic language is a separate universe of words, phrases, associations and ideas. You can study it for years, but thanks to the super translator you do not have to worry whether your text means exactly what you want and what it is supposed to mean.

A Polish-Arabic and Arabic-Polish translator is someone who knows his craft. Knows how an Arabic speaker thinks. He knows the local culture so well that he can sensitively use the right words and expressions to gain the local’s sympathy.

Our professional is your ally – thanks to him, every person, company or institution can be sure that they will be “shown” in such a way as to make a good impression on their recipient.

We translate meaning, not just words. A good translation from Arabic to Polish or from Polish to Arabic is more than just replacing words. It conveys both the meaning of the text and its intention. Let the opinions of our clients who have translated into Arabic be your confirmation!

What counts in business is speed, flexibility, but also patience. There are no shortcuts to high-quality translation “into” or “from” Arabic. An Arabic proverb says: “Whoever is patient for a long time will prosper, but whoever is in a hurry will stumble.”

Do you want the translation from or to Arabic to be perfect? This requires time or a larger number of professional translators to complete the task at an express pace and at the same, highest level.

Besides, Arabic is not a piece of cake. It is the language of scientists, discoverers, philosophers, doctors and poets. Avicenna and Al-Kindi are famous names from this world, but you surely know it. The barrier is not only the writing, but also the vocabulary, literally and figuratively from another world.

The only thing that comes to your mind right now is: “أنا لا أتكلم العربية” /”ʾanā lā ʾtakallamu l-ʿarabiyyah” – “I don’t speak Arabic”.

Do you want to reach the Arab world, but this is an impossible task for you? Fortunately, you do not have to figure out all its secrets, intricacies, complicated terms or meanings of romantic words that have no Polish equivalent. That is why you have a supertranslator of Arabic into Polish or Polish into Arabic.

When you need translations giving access to an Arab country or countries and you don’t know how much it will cost, ask our consultant for a price list. Use the contact form or write an e-mail – you will receive your quotation up to 30 minutes, completely free.

Before we give you a price for the translation, we “weigh” your texts. We look at the topic, the number of characters, what language the source material is in or what language you want to translate the content into. According to your request, we can provide express Arabic translations. Every detail of the order affects the cost. Price is the sum of all the elements.

Zigzags, this is how an unexperienced person can identify the stamps/symbols/dashes/lines you see above.

A professional Arabic translator will tell you that what you see before your eyes is the Arabic script – difficult, but at the same time beautiful and unique. There are many things you need to know about it:

  • this is the so-called abjad,
  • there are many varieties of it – e.g. Kufic (square) or Naschi (round),
  • we write them from right to left,
  • it has 18 basic letters, but supplemented with one, two or three dots gives 28 letters,
  • letters can have different forms of writing, which depend on their position in the word (initial, middle, final, isolated).

Scary? If you think you are at a loss, do not worry. Contact a supertranslator. This is a person for whom such “missions” are not scary.

Azimuth, algorithm, alcohol, alchemy, algebra, digit and syrup are loanwords from Arabic. Although many students are aware of this, it is not enough to translate from Arabic to Polish or vice versa.

Excellence is a combination of experience, knowledge and practical skills. These are the domains of the supertranslator. Who is this person? First of all, he/she is a specialist who has all the necessary tools to provide you with an effective and natural Arabic translation.

In the case of a language like Arabic, it is an art. But how to do it when every step you take touches a different world…? Professionalism is far from enough. What matters here is passion, talent and the so-called Arabic feeling. In the maze of dozens of possible interpretations, you have to find words that perfectly reflect the intentions of the original and will sound good in Arab culture.

That is why it is so important to work with an expert whose work clients rate as “great.”

The superrule of Arabic translation is: work with a supertranslator
The highest quality is not a matter of chance. If the translation is superimportant, send it to us.