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For all clients who make use of our services for the first time, we have prepared a special offer...

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We are glad to inform that "Future Centrum Językowe" - owner of "Supertłumacz" translation agencies achieved Certificate of Reliability.

Professor Piotr Jędrzejowicz - Gdynia Maritime University 10.07.2011

Translations were done quickly and professionally. I recommend the Supertłumacz company as a reliable business partner.

Dorota Zasłona - Head of Foreign Relations Department - The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management in Warsaw 10.07.2011 10.07.2011

Translations were done quickly, professionally and on time. Very good e-mail and phone contact with the agency representatives as well as professional and competent staff should be emphasised. Translations are correct both in terms of the content and language.

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Turkish translations

Do you want high quality translation service at a low price?
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You can order professional translation services from us of texts from Polish into Turkish and from Turkish into Polish.

Our translation services are rendered by experienced translators, who are members of Polish and international translation organisations (STP, TEPiS, NOT, EUATC, LISA, OASIS) and who have long-term professional experience. Our translation services are distinguished from others by their perfection and coherence.

We provide a translator specifically selected according to the text specialisation.

Therefore, the translation, which you shall receive, shall be good and correct when it comes to:
1. The linguistic expression (in terms of grammar, orthography and syntax).
2. The content expression (consistent use of specialist vocabulary and proper terminology).

You may place an order without leaving your office or home:
- technical translations (operation and maintenance manuals, user guides, product specifications) from Turkish/into Turkish,
- medical and pharmaceutical translations (medicine leaflet, case history, discharges from hospital, etc.) from Turkish/into Turkish,
- legal translations (texts within the field of law, agreements, suits, court documents) from Turkish/into Turkish;
- specialist text translations from Turkish/into Turkish;
- website translations from Turkish/into Turkish;
- CV and different document translations;


The cost of Turkish translations – from 51.90 zloty (net ; we issue a VAT invoice with payment term for companies)

To place an order, please send the text to bok@supertlumacz.pl , we will specify the cost and delivery date (we answer in a maximum of 60 minutes – from 8.00 to 18.00). Make an inquiry without obligation.

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