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Belarusian translations – SuperTłumacz® translation agency. Since 2008, we have been offering professional translations for which we provide quality guarantees! Free quotation within just 30 minutes of submitting your application.

Note: although it is the language of our neighbours, the translations “from” and “into” Belarusian are not “a piece of cake”.

These barriers and difficulties will not prevent you from achieving your goals and creating perfect translations into and into Belarusian if you have a Supertranslator nearby. This is how we see it.

Supertranslation specifications:


Translations performed by a team of experienced specialists. We have been translating Belarusian since 2008.


Modern service - online ordering procedure.


Belarusian translations from and into 42 languages.


Quotation max. up to 30 minutes!


Guarantee of quality and trust - ISO 9001:2015 certificate


5.0 - Average rating of the work of our supertranslators on Google.

Why is it worth taking advantage of our translation offer "from" and "into" Belarusian?

The Embassy of Belarus in Poland reports that in 2019, trade turnover between our countries reached over USD 2.6 billion. In the same year, more than 330 enterprises with Polish capital were registered in Belarus. It turns out that we are most willing to operate in sectors such as: construction and production of building materials, furniture, agricultural products, railway infrastructure and the banking sector.

Do you want to be a part of this market? Order a translation into Belarusian and do not count on luck, make a good decision.

However, it is important that the translator of Polish into Belarusian knows his/her profession. Perfectly!


  • “mi liçim” means “we do not count”, but “we believe”,
  • “mi baçim” has nothing to do with the word “we watch”. It means “we see”.


  • “mi idzyem” is a naturally occurring “we are going”,
  • “mi çitayem” – we read.

Of course, these are examples straight from the Belarusian language textbook, which every student knows and recognizes. Situations that a Belarusian translator will face, are much more intricate, complicated, difficult, and often involve industry jargon or scientific terminology.

This requires a whole package of “tools” – experience, knowledge and practical skills. That is why we focus on perfection. Translation down to the comma, deadline down to the hour.

Each Supertranslator is a master of a language (or even two) and a master of work organization. Time is not just money, time is quality. Therefore, you can hold us to our word.

If you want to find out why it is worth taking advantage of our translation offer from and into Belarusian, let us remind you of something. Your reputation, name, brand and successes on the domestic market (as well as on other markets) do not mean that you will enter Belarus and achieve what you want. You need someone who will “speak” on your behalf, but also someone who will show you in the way you want to be seen and understood by your clients or recipients. Therefore, a Belarusian translator is necessary to be heard and to have a chance to do what you want, on the terms you want.

Good Belarusian translations are your ticket to success in Belarus. The translation is done only once, so it should be perfect from the beginning.

Always have in the back of your mind that although your products or services should be good, practical or attractive to customers, without a solid translation:

  • no-one will find out about you,
  • no-one will understand you,
  • no-one will buy what you have to offer.

Superprofessionals in supertranslations are your ticket to success.

A written translationthat clients say is “good”, “excellent”, “perfect” or “super” is always work done by a trustworthy specialist. It is not a dictionary that translates, but a human being – with imagination, passion and the right approach to each order.

A supertranslator is someone who understands both word play and the client’s needs. He/she has a lot of knowledge about Belarus and knows that, for example, eggs sold on prescription in pharmacies are not a joke, but a fact. It takes place in a town called Lelczyce.

Why use the services of a professional translator into and from Belarusian? Because an educated specialist will take care of both what you want to say and what you want to achieve (check with a sworn translator of the Belarusian language).

Make a superdecision!

Belarusian translations 13
This is what we provide to you:
  • Belarusian translations performed by supertranslators,
  • quality assessed by customers at a superlevel,
  • efficient implementation of translations,
  • prices adequate to the complexity and time-consuming nature of the texts,
  • confidentiality – guarantee of security of all transferred data.

Price list for Belarusian translations

Type of translationNet priceGross priceUnit of account
price of translation from Polish into BelarusianPLN 69PLN 84.87 1 page = 1600 characters with spaces
price of translation from Belarusian into PolishPLN 69 PLN 84.871 page = 1600 characters with spaces
price of a sworn translation from Polish into BelarusianPLN 96.60 PLN 118.821 page = 1125 characters with spaces
price of a sworn translation from Belarusian into PolishPLN 96.60 PLN 118.821 page = 1125 characters with spaces
price of proofreading the Belarusian translationPLN 48.30 PLN 59.411 page = 1600 characters with spaces

You can order super translations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

This is how our Belarusian supertranslations work:


Contact the Customer Service Office.


Request for a quotation for texts from or into Belarusian.


Analysis of the materials sent to us. The quotation is completely free of charge and does not oblige you to anything.


A proposal for cooperation with our translation agency. After its approval, we start working.


Selecting a translator with appropriate professional qualifications.


We provide Belarusian translation.

1. Most of our clients receive a quotation in less than 30 minutes.

2. We ask natural persons to make a prepayment. We accept online payments and bank transfers.

To enter a new market, at work or at university, do you need professional standard or certified Polish-Belarusian and Belarusian-Polish translations? Do you care about high-quality translation?

In our translation agency, we guarantee the highest quality of each translation we perform from Polish into Belarusian and from Belarusian into Polish. Our translators will take care of every detail!

This is what we can do for you:

Belarusian translations 14

We translate specialised text

Are you looking for translations of scientific, medical, legal or other specialist texts? They are handled by specialists in our translation agency!

Belarusian translations 15

Correction of the translation language

Thanks to our services, the text can be much easier to read. We offer proofreading for style and syntax.

Belarusian translations 16

Translation of standard texts

Translating a cover letter, CV or resume is not a problem for us. Present your professional letter to the employer.

Belarusian translations 17

Certified (sworn) translation

Entrust us with documents that require the care of the best translators - entrust us with certified translations.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Documented quality

Belarusian translations 18

Belarusian translations FAQ

We give you the net price, plus 23% VAT. Our quotation system is simple, clear and fair. The initial price is always the price you will pay at the end.

Of course. We translate websites into Belarusian. Please send a link to the page or texts you want to include on it. We will prepare a free quotation along with the nearest completion date.

The price we offer to you is a net price, plus VAT of 23%. We operate transparently and honestly, with no hidden catches. This way, the initial price quoted in the offer is the price you will pay at the end.

Yes, we do have large experience in translating to and from Belarusian. Our offer includes standard, specialised and certified translations. Our specialists will help you in many industries and fields; from IT, through technology and engineering, law, medicine, to marketing and book publications.

Our specializations


CV translations

Since 2008, we have been helping to convince foreign employers of our clients' experience and knowledge.


Translations for companies

We implement activities aimed at the foreign market: our translators facilitate communication with over 6 million users of Belarusian.


Website translations

We support you in increasing your "visibility", reaching new recipients and actually increasing the sales of your products or services.


Legal translations

We know the law and understand legal jargon. We translate scientific articles, court decisions and academic textbooks. Our clients include both private individuals and corporate clients.


Medical translations

We provide professional translations of medical test results, user manuals for medical machines and drug leaflets.


Technical translations

Our specialists translate not only Belarusian, but also technical language. We carry out orders for, among others, IT, defence and transport.

tłumaczenia biznesowe

Business translations

We translate the language of business, supporting entrepreneurs in running their businesses. We provide professional translation of contracts and all documents that will facilitate international business communication.

tłumaczenia naukowe

Translations of scientific texts

We provide translation services for scientific texts. We specialize in supertranslations of publications, studies and all kinds of scientific content with the support of experts in every field of science.

tłumaczenia dokumentów samochodowych

Translations of car documents

We help in registering a car imported from abroad. We will translate all documentation necessary to legalize the vehicle. Thanks to our translations, you will be able to complete all formalities at the office quickly and without unnecessary complications.

tłumaczenia dokumentów motocyklowych

Translations of motorcycle documents

Translation of motorcycle documents ensures quick and efficient vehicle registration. We will take care of every detail to ensure that the content in the target language is understandable, consistent and error-free.

tłumaczenia budowlane

Construction translations

Translations of construction projects should be entrusted to a construction professional. We cooperate with specialists from many construction industries, for whom construction documents hold no secrets.

tłumaczenia chemiczne

Chemical translations

We provide professional chemical translations that require specialised knowledge in the field of chemistry and excellent knowledge of various languages.

tłumaczenia instrukcji obsługi

Translations of user manuals

Our translations of user manuals will ensure the safe introduction of foreign technologies to the market. We cooperate with the best experts who will translate texts precisely, consistently and accurately.

tłumaczenia dokumentów

Document translations

Professional document translation is the hallmark of every company. We have been supporting our clients for years, translating documentation for them in areas such as entrepreneurship, law, medicine and education.

You can order super translations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

Find out more about Belarusian translation:

Supertranslations are not a matter of chance, luck or so-called fluke. It is none of those things. Top-class translations start with choosing the righttranslation service provider “from” or “into” Belarusian.

This is where it starts.

Of course, you can learn Belarusian so that during lunch or dinner with your Belarusian partner you do not only eat the specialties of the local cuisine (collops, stuffed dumplings, dipping sauce with perennials, draniki with cream, syrniki, sour soup, as well as drinking birch sap or kvass), but also you re able to express yourself. And finally, for good luck, drink a glass of Hlebnikov vodka or another vodka produced in this country.

Certainly, knowing the language is a nod to the other side.

For serious and priority matters, even a good knowledge of Belarusian is not enough, you need a professional translator. However, the best translations take time – supertranslation is a process, not a snap of a finger. The stork (the symbol of Belarus) will not bring them to you either.

Of course, time itself is not an obstacle for us. Do you need a translation quickly? We can help you! The quality of the text will not be undermined, there will simply be more specialists working on yourtranslation “into” or “from” Belarusian. Of course, this equals a higher price.

Our offer includes:

  • Belarusian standard and certified translations,
  • Belarusian specialised translations – many fields and various types of documents and content,
  • translations of Belarusian into 42 world languages,
  • translations of Belarusian from 42 languages of the world,
  • medical and pharmaceutical translations from Belarusian,
  • legal and juridical translations,
  • Belarusian translations in computer science and IT, technology and engineering,
  • website translations,
  • we serve most of the most popular industries and fields. In addition, we offer the possibility of express translations.

Do you want to translate from Belarusian into Polish, from Russian into Belarusian or from Belarusian into another foreign language? Are you interested in the cost of such a service? Request a quotation. This way, you will know the actual price for the translation of the documents or text you need to translate.

What is the price of Belarusian translation?

  • A Polish-Belarusian translator or a Belarusian translator in general works on translations.
  • Specialist translator. If cooperation requires not only a translator, but also a specialist in one person, costs naturally increase. Technical documents are translated by a technical specialist, business materials are translated by someone who knows about the business world, online content is translated by an expert who knows the language and laws of the Internet. Similarly, medical texts should be sent to a translator specialised in medicine, and those concerning law should be translated with an expert in this field.
  • Type of translation. There are standard translations and certified translations. You will pay a different price for translating a school certificate or university diploma than for translating a letter from a person from another country.
  • Language pair and translator’s availability. There are different languages, the more distant they are from each other, the more difficult it is to find a translator who will translate in a given industry. While Russian, English and German are popular, there are fewer specialists translating Belarusian-Chinese. How much you will pay a Belarusian translator depends on what languages you need.
  • Number of pages. Usually, at the quotation stage, the total number of characters with spaces, words or pages is determined – it has a direct impact on the translation price.

Should you be prepared for other costs? If you have any doubts, the quotation stage is the best time to ask questions. A consultant from the translation agency will provide you with all the answers. Of course, remember that additional services (e.g. proofreading or localization) involve additional costs.

Due to the proximity of our countries , Belarusian translationsare performed for various purposes. Regardless of them, our mission is to actually help you develop, reach your goal and achieve success.

If this East Slavic language, which has between 3 and 6.5 million speakers, it is to help you in private or professional matters, alwaystranslate into Belarusianperfectly.

However, on your own it is not such a “piece of cake”. Why?

The Belarusian language is the official language in Belarus. Currently, the Belarusian alphabet is almost always written using the Cyrillic alphabet. It should be added, however, that the Latin alphabet was also used here – the so-called Belarusian Latin also called Latin / лацінка.

To illustrate it, we present a short fragment of a poem by Natalia Arsiennieva entitled “Mahutny Boża” in Latin, Cyrillic and, of course, itstranslation from Belarusian into Polish.

  • Italics:

“Mahutny Boža
Mahutny Boža, ŭładar suśvietaŭ,
Vialikich soncaŭ and small hearts!”

  • Cyrillic:

“Магутны Божа
Магутны Божа, ўладар сусьветаў,
Вялікіх сонцаў і сэрц малых!”

Do you understand any of this? Terrified? Relax! Give usthe translation “into” or “from” Belarusian, and everything will be supervised by someone who can take the translation to a superlevel.

This is eve more important because Belarusian is an auxiliary language in 5 communes of the Podlaskie Voivodeship (urban and rural commune of Hajnówka, urban commune of Orla, Narewka commune, Czyże commune).

So, if you are looking for a translator, the superrule says:translation “from” or “into” Belarusianis important to you, send the text to Supertranslator. Easy!