Sworn translator of Portuguese

SUPERTŁUMACZ® – a sworn Portuguese translator who will support you in many official situations.

Why us? Our translations ‘work’ in Warsaw and Lisbon because we know not only Portuguese, but also how to deal with paperwork in Poland and Portugal!

Ask a supertranslator for help!

Certified Portuguese translations are:


Experience - we have been providing professional translations since 2008.


A 100% online service - you can order our certified translations from your home or office.


Translations produced by qualified sworn Portuguese translators.


Instant quotation. We only need 30 minutes to provide you with the cost of the documents you need to be translated.


Certified Portuguese translations characterised by superquality.


A rating of 5.0. on Google and over 36,000 clients satisfied with our supertranslation service!

Certified Portuguese translation by a specialist - why is it worth trusting us?

Do you need certified Portuguese translations? Get our help!

Why is it worth trusting us?

Our Portuguese translators know that there are two standards of the language: Brazilian and European. They are also aware of the many dialect variants – they differ in pronunciation, but this is important when interpreting.

They are also on a ‘first-name basis’ with the vocabulary and professional terms that frequently appear in Polish and Portuguese official documents

They are knowledgeable about words, so they know that the language used in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries has many borrowings from Arabic. Most linguistic loans are words starting with ‘al’, for example ‘albufeira’, which means ‘bay’.

We work with sensitivity to so-called false friends. We know that ‘yantar’, is not about ‘yantar’ but about ‘dinner’. We will never think that ‘já’ is ‘I’ because it means ‘already’. We will not be fooled by ‘goodness’, which in Portuguese is not ‘goodness’ but ‘doubleness’ or ‘twofoldness’.

It is worth working with us because:

  • The SUPERTŁUMACZ® office is a supertranslator of Polish to Portuguese and Portuguese to Polish known for its quality and efficiency.
  • Certified Portuguese translations that really ‘work’. With the help of our sworn translator, you will be able to deal with any matter at work, in the office and in court.
  • Support from professional translators in official situations related to education, work, personal and professional matters. With the help of a professional, you no longer need to tell anyone: “desculpe, não falo português” (“sorry, I don’t speak Portuguese”).

Are you looking for a sworn Portuguese translator who is worthy of your trust? Write to our supertranslator. Welcome to our superworld!

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The greatest advantages of working with our sworn Portuguese translator:
  • you receive a supertranslation of official documents,
  • you can be sure that the produced translation will do really great at university, work or in the office,
  • a guarantee of the highest quality,
  • the confidentiality of the data provided.

The scope of our supertranslations includes:

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Specialised Portuguese translations

In the team of our translation agency, you will find experts specialising in various industries and topics. They can help you with law as well as medicine or IT.

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Proofreading of Portuguese translations

We take care of every word and every detail, which is why we give you a superquality guarantee on every translation we produce.

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Standard Portuguese translations

With the help of our professional translator, you will translate any content.

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Certified Portuguese translations

Each of our translators is a qualified specialist!

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

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We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Get to know our certified Portuguese translations better:


Write to us or call us.


Ask us for a quotation for the documents you need to be translated.


We “ review” the documents submitted to us to assess their level of complexity.


We will send you a quotation together with the order execution time for a certified Portuguese translation.


Once the terms of cooperation have been agreed, we select the appropriate translator and the translator proceeds to translate the documents provided to us.


You will receive a certified Portuguese translation within the agreed deadline.

Documented quality

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Our specialisations:


Certified Portuguese translations that 'work' at university, in the workplace and in the office

Are you looking for a high quality certified Portuguese translation? We will help you! Our sworn translators will translate the necessary documents for you in such a way that they "work" where you want them to.


Certified Portuguese translations 'supporting' companies

Are you facing the translation of banking and business documents? Do you need to translate an important contract? Get in touch with us. We have been supporting corporate clients in the implementation of activities for many years!


Certified Portuguese translations of vehicle documents

Do you have car documents to translate? We will help you translate them! With the help of our sworn translator, you will efficiently and effectively deal with the formalities at the Department of Motor Vehicles!


Certified Portuguese translations of numerous official documents

Do you have paperwork to complete at the office? Do you need translation of documents for court? Do you want to apply to a foreign company and a translation of your professional credentials is necessary? We have the right people, our sworn Portuguese translators!


Certified Portuguese translations with the 'touch' of a supertranslator

When you need high-quality certified translations from or into Portuguese, turn to our supertranslators for help. The translations they produce are characterised by quality and efficiency.


Portuguese translation of documents and specialised content

Are you looking for someone to help you with specialised materials? We will be happy to help you! Our Portuguese translators are also experts specialising in business, finance, law, medicine, transport.

You can order super translations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

Even more about certified Portuguese translations:

“Olá!”, we say to you “hello!”.

In Portugal, it is known as língua portuguesa or português. According to Ethnologue’s calculations, it is the 9th most spoken language in the world – spoken by approximately 257.7 million people! It can be heard in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. The range of Portuguese is truly impressive, and it is no surprise that so many clients need the help of a professional.

What can we help you with?

– We will translate documents written in Portuguese and Polish.
– We will provide certified translation of official documents for pupils and students, employees, companies and organisations, among others.
– We will prepare translations of civil status certificates, university diplomas, power of attorney, car purchase agreements or professional qualifications.
– We support our clients in recruiting for studies, applying for their dream job in foreign companies, dealing with formalities at the authorities and court cases.

Are you interested in our service? Do you also need a simple translation? We offer such a service! Get in touch with us!

You call us with the question, which is “quanto custa?”, meaning “how much does it cost?”.

The question “what is the price list of a sworn Portuguese translator?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Write to us to request a quotation for the documents you need to be translated from or into Portuguese. We will send you the cost of the service within a maximum of 30 minutes.

Benefit from the expertise of our specialists:

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