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SUPERTŁUMACZ® will help you deal with matters in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Poland.

When our sworn Bosnian translator hears ‘Jajce’, he/she knows that no one is making fun of him/her. This is the name of the former seat of the rulers of the Kingdom of Bosnia, which is famous for its amazing waterfall and the old town towering above it.

Such specialists are simply invaluable! They know Bosnian and they know what the reality is in BiH.

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Certified supertranslations of Bosnian:


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Qualified Bosnian sworn translators.


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Certified translation of Bosnian by a specialist - why is it worth trusting us?

We know our job!

We know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is referred to as the Land in the Shape of the Heart and Sarajevo is called the Jerusalem of Europe.

We will always point out that Bosnians and Bosniaks are two different concepts. The former is a general term referring to BiH citizens. The latter applies to Bosnian citizens of predominantly Muslim faith and also to Balkan Slavs-Muslims.

When you want to test our knowledge, we will tell you right away that the Charter of Kulin from the 12th century was the first document in the Bosnian language.

We will always ask to make sure if you are referring to the Bosnian language – in Bosnia and Herzegovina, three languages, Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian, have equal status as official languages.

Our Bosnian sworn translator is someone who will translate official documents in such a way that they ‘work’ where you want them to.

When we translate professional entitlements, it is so that you can present yourself to a potential employer as an ideal candidate. When we translate a car registration certificate or a sales agreement, it is to help you handle matters smoothly and effectively at the Department of Motor Vehicles. When we do the translation of import and export contracts, we do it so that you can run your business smoothly.

Trust the supertranslator:

  • Our certified translations of Bosnian really “work”!
  • We help to deal effectively with employment, official and court cases.
  • Each of our translations is of the highest quality.

Do you have a question about our services? Would you like to use a sworn Bosnian translator?

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Discover the benefits of our Bosnian certified translations:
  • Work with a supertranslator who will ensure the highest level of every document translated.
  • Translations that ‘help’ you to deal with any matter efficiently and effectively.
  • The cost of the service corresponding to the actual value of your order.

Our range of services includes:

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Specialised translations of Bosnian

We have experts to help you with documents and content written and dedicated to professionals.

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We will translate and proofread the translation

In this way, we will see to every detail, which will make it easier for you to complete the paperwork smoothly.

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Regular translations of Bosnian

We can help you with letters, notes and various texts that do not require expert knowledge.

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Certified translations from and into Bosnian

We will translate a variety of official documents for you: from civil status certificates, through contracts, to wills.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

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We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Want to see how our Bosnian certified translation service works?


Contact us.


Say what you want to translate. Describe your requirements to us.


We “review" your documents to determine the level of difficulty and the time needed to prepare the translation.


You will receive a quotation + order execution time.


We discuss the terms of cooperation. After hearing from you: "yes, we are in!", we proceed to work.


We provide you with a certified translation of the Bosnian language.

Documented quality

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Our specializations


Certified Bosnian translations that really 'work'

Are you keen to work with sworn Bosnian translators who know their craft? Ask our supertranslators for help. Every translation they prepare really 'works'.


Certified translations of Bosnian for companies

Do you need a translation of official documents that relate to your company's activities? We have the right specialists. With their help, you will get anything done!


Certified translations of Bosnian car documents

Do you have documents to translate for a car purchased outside the country? Or is it about the registration certificate? Our specialists will help you with a variety of car documents.


Certified translations of Bosnian for jobseekers

Are you looking for a job in an overseas company? Do you want to translate a language certificate, university degree or professional qualification? We will help you!


Certified translations of Bosnian medical documents

Are you referring to insurance documents or hospital certificates? Seek assistance from our sworn Bosnian translators


Certified translations of Bosnian for professionals

Do you need to find a translator who is also a specialist in your industry? We have such experts! You can rely on their knowledge and skills.

You can order super translations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

For those interested:


This greeting is our “hello!”.

We introduce you to “bosanski jezik” / “босански језик!”.

Bosnian has the status of an official language in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also approved for use in offices in Montenegro. It is also a regional language in Serbia and Kosovo.

When you announce to us: “ne govorim bosanski”, which means “I do not speak Bosnian”, we reply: “never mind. Our translators are superfluent in it!”.

What exactly is included in Bosnian certified translations?

We translate official documents in Bosnian, as well as those from Polish into Bosnian. You can entrust us with the translation of civil status and notarial deeds, contracts, power of attorney. We also support clients with the translation of medical, legal, technical or court documents.

Do you need the help of a sworn Bosnian translator? Get in touch with the supertranslator!

“Koliko to kosta?” / “How much does it cost?”.

Our Bosnian translation offer covers a variety of documents, so we want to see what you need to be translated first, and only then do we talk about specific price.

The cost of translation is influenced by the documents and their volume, the languages, the degree of difficulty of the order or the individual requirements of the client.

At our translation agency, we provide certified translations of Bosnian that are really great in school and university, work, office and court.

Ask us for a quotation!

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