Sworn translator of Hungarian

SUPERTŁUMACZ® – sworn Hungarian translator who knows Hungarian and Polish documents!

Hungarians say: “never put off for tomorrow what someone can do for you today”. Do you have important documents to translate? Hand them over to our translator now and enjoy the supereffects!

These are the constituents of our certified Hungarian language supertranslations:


Translation agency with experience - we have been in existence since 2008.


A modern online translation service.


Qualified translators.


Translation quotation in 30 minutes.


ISO 9001:2015.


Rating of 5.0. on Google and over 36,000 satisfied clients.

Certified Hungarian translation by a specialist - why is it worth trusting us?

“Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát, együtt harcol, s issza borát” is a historical proverb that in Polish we know as “Pole, Hungarian, two pals, to the sabre and the glass”.

The Hungarian language in Hungary is known as ‘Magyar nyelv’ and the country is referred to as ‘Magyarorszag’. Hungary is known for its Tokaj wine in Poland and internationally.

Our specialists are experts in Hungarian and the Hungarian language. With their support, you will not commit any gaffe, and you will ‘get through’ the formalities smoothly and achieve what you intended.

Why ask our Hungarian sworn translators for help?

  • They are proficient with Hungarian and official documents.
  • They do translations known in the industry as supertranslations.
  • They produce translations that are really great in work, in offices and in courts.
  • Trust – we have helped more than 36,000 clients.

Do you need help with translating documents for university, work or the office? Feel free to contact us, SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency!

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The benefits of our supertranslations for you:
  • support of a sworn Hungarian language supertranslator,
  • translations that are effective and really ‘work’ where you want to use them,
  • a transparent translation quotation system – with us you pay for the value of your order,
  • cooperation with specialists worthy of your trust – complete confidentiality of the data you provide us with.

What can we help you with?

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We will prepare specialised Hungarian translations

Our team includes professional translators and specialists in your field. Each of our experts speaks not only Hungarian, but also a specialist language.

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We will apply corrections to the Hungarian translation.

Our specialists proofread the translation after it has been completed. In this way, you are guaranteed the super quality of every document we translate.

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We will prepare an standard Hungarian translation

Our Hungarian translators will help you with most content, from brochures to memos to correspondence.

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We will prepare a certified translation of Hungarian

We have specialists with whose help you will translate official documents for court, a will or a marriage certificate.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

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We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Would you like to learn more about our certified Hungarian language supertranslations? Check out how it works!


The client contacts us (contact form on the website, e-mail or telephone contact).


The client interested in the service sends us the documents for a quotation (this is completely free and does not commit the client to anything).


We analyse the documents that the client has sent us. We "review" them in order to assess the degree of difficulty of the assignment.


We provide the client with a quotation for a certified Hungarian translation.


A client who wants our assistance and agrees to a quotation asks us to perform the translation. At this point, we commence the actual translation process.


We provide the client with a certified Hungarian translation. Translated documents are immediately 'ready' for use. You can send them to a potential employer or submit them to the office.

Documented quality

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Our specialisations:


Certified Hungarian translations 'supporting' employees

Do you dream of working in Budapest? Would you like to make a good first impression on a potential employer? Ask our translator for help! They will translate both your language certificate and your professional entitlements for you.


Certified Hungarian translations for companies

Do you need a high quality translation? Are you keen to work with someone who is a true specialist? Can't afford to overlook the smallest detail? Then think about our certified Hungarian supertranslations for companies!


Certified Hungarian translations with the "touch" of a supertranslator

Are you only interested in the highest quality and efficiency? If so, you will be interested in our certified Hungarian translations with the 'touch' of a supertranslator.


Certified Hungarian translations that 'work' in any situation

Do you have a matter to deal with at work, the office or court? That's what certified Hungarian supertranslations are for! Our translations really "work" in any situation!


Hungarian translations 'supporting' professionals

Are you looking for a professional who is knowledgeable not only in translation, but is also a specialist in your industry? We have been supporting professionals and 'translating' the language of professionals for many years. Get in touch with our Hungarian language supertranslator!


Certified Hungarian translation of vehicle documents

Do you have car documents to translate? Are you keen to find a specialist with the help of whom you can smoothly go through the formalities at the Department of Motor Vehicles? Ask our sworn Hungarian translator for help and get your case settled efficiently.

You can order super translations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

Do you want to learn even more about our service?

“Shia!”, “hello!”.

With this simple word, we greet you! Do you need the help of a professional?

Our sworn Hungarian translator will help you with:

– most official documents written in Hungarian,
– most official documents you need to translate from Polish into Hungarian,
– civil registry office records and notarial records,
– school and academic documents,
– recruitment documents for the job,
– contracts.

Do you have documents that should be placed in the hands of a sworn Hungarian translator? Do you care about the quality of your translations? Write to us!

When a Hungarian asks: “mennyibe kerül?”, he wants to know “how much does it cost?”.

How much will you pay to work with our specialist? It depends…

Factors that influence the price list of a sworn Hungarian translator:

– type of translation,
– the documents you need to translate,
– volume of documents,
– level of translation difficulty,
– the mode in which the translation is to be made (standard or express).

When you have a sworn Hungarian translation to be done, send us the documents and we will provide you with a quotation for the order.

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