Sworn translator of Croatian

Either in Dubrovnik or in Warsaw an employer, an official or a judge may ask you for a Croatian certified translation.

When such a need arises, contact a specialist from the SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency.

Ask for the support of a sworn translator of Croatian!

By ordering a Croatian certified supertranslation service, you will receive:


Experience - we are a translation agency that has been supporting clients in various activities since 2008.


A service in tune with the times - you can order a translation from any place in the country.


A qualified team of sworn translators of Croatian.


Superfast quote - we only need 30 minutes to provide you with the cost of the translation.


We are committed to the highest quality as confirmed by our ISO 9001:2015 certification.


We are valued by our clients - our average rating on Google is 5.0.

Croatian certified translation performed by a specialist - why is it worth trusting us?

An expert performing a certified translation does not need to know that Croatia is shaped like a crescent moon and that the country’s national flower is the iris.

No one expects sworn translators to be able to name all the 1,246 islands belonging to this country or to be aware that only 47 of them are inhabited.

Nor is anyone likely to ‘test’ them on the locations where ‘Game of Thrones’ was filmed.

Good professionals are well aware of this because they have studied the Croatian language and the local ‘world’ well. They are supertranslators who will not be surprised by anything when it comes to official documents.

Why should you entrust your certified translation to us?

  • Experience – we have helped more than 36,000 clients since 2008.
  • Effectiveness – our translations are renowned for really ‘working’.
  • Specialists – supertranslators who translate for you.

Do you have a question for us? Would you like to work with our sworn translator of Croatian? Write to us or call us!

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Why choose our Croatian certified translation services?
  • We perform translations with the ‘touch’ of a supertranslator.
  • Our translations are known for their superquality.
  • The documents we translate ‘work’ and consequently ‘help’ with the paperwork.
  • Prices are adequate to the level of difficulty and the time it takes us to complete the translation.
  • Full confidentiality of any data sent to us.

This is what we do:

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Croatian specialised translations

We will translate documents, materials and publications written in specialised language for you. Our team is composed of qualified experts from many fields.

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Croatian translation and proofreading

We translate and proofread translated documents and content. This is how we ensure the superlevel of each translation.

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Croatian standard translation services

We will translate documents, content or correspondence so that you can understand and be understood by the other party.

Sworn translator of the Croatian language 25

Croatian certified translation services

We will translate your official documents from and into Croatian. With our help, you will handle the formalities efficiently.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

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We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Learn the mechanism of our Croatian certified translation services:


Write or call us and ask about our certified Croatian translation services.


Send us the documents you want to translate from or into Croatian.


We need about 30 minutes to 'take a close look at' the documents sent to us. We analyse them in terms of the level of difficulty and time consumption.


We will send you our proposal for cooperation - a quotation for the translation and a deadline for completion of the order.


When you make the decision to work with us, we get to work immediately.


We provide you with a Croatian certified translation services on the agreed date.

Documented quality

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Here is what we specialise in:


We provide Croatian certified translation services which ‘help’ professional dreams come true

Do you dream of working in Croatia? Would you like to work with a foreign company? Are you looking for someone to translate various official documents for you? We will help you! Our specialists not only translate content from and into Croatian, but ‘support’ your dreams of professional development!


We provide Croatian certified translation services which ‘support’ the development of companies

Do you want to enter the Croatian market? Are you signing a commercial agreement? Do you care about your official bank documents ending up in the safe hands? We have the right people and specialists to ‘help’ you go through the various formalities and deal with any matter efficiently.


We provide Croatian certified translation services with the ‘touch’ of a supertranslator

Do you know why our translations are so successful? It's simple! Each translation is performed by a supertranslator, i.e. a qualified specialist who will take care of every tiny detail of the assignment.


We provide Croatian certified translation services that ‘support’ you in dealing with court cases

Do you need to translate documents to be submitted to the court? Do you care about working with someone worthy of your trust? We have the right specialists. Our sworn translators of Croatian will support you in dealing with all kinds of court cases.


We provide Croatian translation services that ‘support’ any person in various life situations

Do you have an insurance policy to translate? Need to translate a medical certificate? Or perhaps a letter written in Croatian? Our translators will help you!


We provide Croatian certified translation services that ‘support’ you in dealing with official matters

Do you have official formalities to deal with? Are you looking for a specialist who will perform a high-quality translation of the official documents you need? Don’t hesitate and choose our supertranslator. The translations prepared by our expert are sure to streamline the handling of official matters!

You can order super translations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

For those interested:

When someone in Croatia wants to know the price of a translation, they will ask: “koliko košta?” (“how much does it cost?”). In Poland – in Białystok, Cracow and Warsaw – clients also want to know the cost of the service.

The following aspects influence the final quotation for a translation service:

– type of translation (certified, standard, specialised),
– type of documents,
– volume of documents,
– translation language,
– translation processing time,

If you want to know the price of a certified translation from Croatian into Polish or Polish into Croatian, get in touch with our translation agency. The quotation is free and does not oblige you to anything.

“Bok!” This is how ‘hello!’ sounds in Croatian.

What exactly can we support you with? Our sworn translator of Croatian will help you with many documents of an official character.

What exactly does this mean? They are documents which have legal power, such as a Croatian or Polish birth certificate, a contract or a commercial agreement.

We will help you with:

– translation of documents for work, offices and court,
– translation of official documents for various industries,
– translation of official documents for specialists from various fields.
Order a Croatian certified supertranslation service!

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