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Albanian translations – professional SuperTłumacz® translation agency. Thanks to many years of experience, we can offer translations from and into Albanian with quality guarantees!

The Albanian language has 6.2 million speakers. It is spoken by people from Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, as well as the Arboreshians in Italy and the Arvanites in Greece.

These people include potential customers, recipients and readers, as well as business partners and employers. It is simple! Translating from Albanian is just one step away from these possibilities. It must be a super! Make a superdecision and hand over the translation “from” or “into” Albanian to the Supertranslator.

Supertłumacz is:


Experience - we have been translating for you since 2008.


The service is 100% online - you can order a translation from anywhere in Poland or in the world.


Albanian translations from and into 42 world languages.


30 minutes - this is how much time we need to quote your order.


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5.0. on Google - a service valued by customers.

Why is it worth using the services of our translation agency "from" and "into" Albanian?

When preparing an Albanian translation, you do not want to risk that no one will understand what you mean. Experiments are good in art, they are also needed in science, but not in business.

Unlike Serbian, Albanian is completely incomprehensible to most people from our country: it sounds strange and foreign. “Përshëndetje” means “hello” and “Mirëmëngjes” means “good morning”. In fact, it is rather difficult to find any associations with our native Polish. That is why you need a proven translator from Albanian to Polish.

When translating “from” or “into” Albanian, you must precisely take into account the region in which the translation is to be used. Note that Albanian has 2 dialects that are geographically crossed by the 41st parallel and a river called Shkumbina.

  • One of them is gegë (Gegian) – spoken in northern Albania, as well as in Kosovo and North Macedonia.
  • The second one is Toskë (Toskë) – it is spoken by people in the south of Albania, as well as in Italy and Greece.

You may or may not be aware of this. You should realize that choosing a good Albanian translator is of great importance. There are specialists in Supertranslations who know everything you need and even more.

Why us?

  • We specialize in the Albanian language – our translators have high linguistic competences, thanks to which each word is translated accurately and carefully and appropriately to the specific situation (we always pay attention to the context) and the type of content, such as specialised certified translations of the Albanian language.
  • Our translators will translate your texts from Albanian into 42 world languages and from 42 world languages into Albanian.
  • We have a network of expert translators – each specialist is a person who has passed the qualification screen, which guarantees cooperation with a qualified specialist in a specific industry or field.
  • We not only translate your texts, but we translate what you want to convey to the target audience. This way you can be sure that you will be properly understood and seen in the way you want.
  • We effectively help reach the target audience – it may be a client of a travel agency, a reader of crime novels or a group of people looking for information about new technologies. We not only translate words from the source language into the target language, but we help you establish communication, interest and build a bond with the person/people you want to reach.

Make a Superdecision.

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Supertranslations are a guarantee of:

  • cooperation with supertranslators,
  • translations based on high quality,
  • short delivery terms – we translate 10 pages in 24 hours,
  • attractive prices adequate to the “value” of the order,
  • confidentiality guarantee.

Albanian translation price list

Type of translationNet priceGross priceUnit of account
price of translation from Polish into AlbanianPLN 142PLN 174.661 page = 1600 characters with spaces
price of translation from Albanian into PolishPLN 142PLN 174.661 page = 1600 characters with spaces
price of a sworn translation from Polish into AlbanianPLN 198.80PLN 244.52 1 page = 1125 characters with spaces
price of a sworn translation from Albanian into PolishPLN 198.80PLN 244.521 page = 1125 characters with spaces
price of proofreading the Albanian translationPLN 99.40PLN 122.261 page = 1600 characters with spaces

Is translation important to you? Then send your text to the supertranslator!

Check how Albanian supertranslation works


You contact the Customer Service Office.


You ask for a quotation for your texts.


You send us materials. We analyse them and provide you with a quotation.


We present a cooperation proposal.


We choose the right translator for your project.


We provide translation.

1. We give the quotation superfast – 99% of clients receive a quotation faster than within 30 minutes.

2. Are you a private client? Natural persons are asked to pay in advance. We accept online payments or regular bank transfers.

Do you need written translations, specialised translations or certified Albanian-Polish or Polish-Albanian translations? Are the highest level of translation and meeting deadlines a priority for you? Order our Albanian translations, which are popular among private and corporate clients.

We provide you with a quality guarantee of your translation from Polish into Albanian and from Albanian into Polish. Our Albanian translator is a professional who will ensure the highest quality of the document(s) you need to be translated.

This is what we can do for you:

Albanian translations 14

We translate specialised text

Are you looking for translations of scientific, medical, legal or other specialist texts? They are handled by specialists in our translation agency!

Albanian translations 15

Correction of the translation language

Thanks to our services, the text can be much easier to read. We offer proofreading for style and syntax.

Albanian translations 16

Translation of standard texts

Translating a cover letter, CV or resume is not a problem for us. Present your professional letter to the employer.

Albanian translations 17

Certified (sworn) translation

Entrust us with documents that require the care of the best translators - entrust us with certified translations.

Is translation important to you? Then send your text to the supertranslator!

They recommend us

Do you want to order a translation from or into Albanian with a supertranslator? You have several options: fill out the form on our website, write an e-mail or call us.

Documented quality

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Albanian translations FAQ - frequently asked questions

Translations into Albanian are always performed by a professional translator, a specialist in a specific industry, field or topic. 

All medical translations from and into Albanian prepared by us are always performed by translators specialised in the field of medicine. 

We have experience in regular, certified and specialised translations into Albanian. We have had the opportunity to create translations for many industries and fields, on various topics and for various clients. 

The standard is to translate 6 pages of 1,600 characters with spaces per one business day. If your project is long-term or the number of documents is larger, we set the completion date individually. 

Our specializations:


CV translations

Since 2008, we have been helping to convince foreign employers of our clients' experience and knowledge.


Translations for companies

We facilitate the implementation of activities aimed at the foreign market: our translators enable communication with over 6 million Albanian users.


Website translations

With our experts, you will increase the visibility of your website or online store and reach new customers.


Legal translations

We help you solve every matter! We have a team of experienced law specialists at your disposal.


Medical translations

We care about quality. We have made thousands of translations of clinical trials, patient histories and commercial offers from medical companies.


Technical translations

We focus on precision - we translate each document so that there are no discrepancies between the translation and the original.

tłumaczenia biznesowe

Business translations

Business translations are professional translations of various documents, shows, contracts and other business-related materials. 

tłumaczenia naukowe

Translations of scientific texts

Translating scientific terms, mathematical formulas, and specialised information is extremely important to maintain the accuracy and understandability of the original text.

tłumaczenia dokumentów samochodowych

Translations of car documents

The car document translation service gives you the opportunity to translate and legalize all necessary documents related to vehicles.

tłumaczenia dokumentów motocyklowych

Translations of motorcycle documents

Motorcycle documentation translation is the process by which various motorcycle-related documents are translated into the language for which they are intended.

tłumaczenia budowlane

Construction translations

When implementing construction projects on an international scale, the use of professional construction-related translation services is invaluable.

tłumaczenia chemiczne

Chemical translations

Translators specializing in chemistry must not only have fluency in various languages, but also a solid knowledge of chemistry.

tłumaczenia instrukcji obsługi

Translations of user manuals

Translating user manuals is extremely important, especially for companies operating on the global market.

tłumaczenia dokumentów

Document translations

In various areas, such as entrepreneurship, legal regulations, health care and education, it is important to perform professional document translations.

Is translation important to you? Then send your text to the supertranslator!

You may be interested in this information :

There is an Albanian proverb that says: “Kush rri nën pemë, ha edhe kokrrat” /”He who stands under the tree eats its fruit.”

We mention them because if you want to develop, acquire new clients, customers or readers, get your dream job in Albania or shake hands with your new business partner, you need a good translation of texts into Albanian necessary to achieve your goal.

The superrule is: if the translation is superimportant, send it to Supertranslator. Easy!

This is what you will gain by entrusting us with Albanian translations – benefits and guarantees for you!

  • If we translate the contract, we want you to get it.
  • If we translate your CV, it is so that you get an invitation to an interview (and this is one step towards getting your dream job!).
  • If we translate a book, we want it to be well-received by readers.
  • If we translate content onto a website, it is to increase your reach and have as many customers/recipients/readers as possible.

This is how we see it. This is our SuperMission. Behind our words there are people, actually experts – the advantage in itself is cooperation with someone who understands you and knows what you need, and also has the “tools” to give you what you want. A professional Albanian translator helps you get where you want.

You need the Albanian language, there is no doubt about it. You run a business, you want your website to be accessible to Albanians; you are on a journey. You will not be able to handle the translation on your own, but you are aware that it has to be done properly and professionally.

What are the prices for translations from and into Albanian?

In a modern translation agency like ours, there are no universal rates. Note that written translations include both standard and certified translations. There is specialised content here that requires the participation of someone who is both a translator and a specialist in one person.

Our Albanian-to-Polish and Polish-to-Albanian translator is a professional who helps you with medical documentation, commercial contracts, birth certificates and website content. These are different types of translations that require individual quotation.

How to find out the price list?

Send us your texts to be translated – describe the order and provide your requirements. Our consultant will look at all the documents and send you a quotation for the services you need now within thirty minutes. At this stage, you will also be able to find out the fastest possible order completion date.

Efficiency is the highest quality. This is a component of accuracy, reliability and perfection. Professionalism does not come out of thin air. It is hard work, passion and professionalism of supertranslators.

It is not a dictionary that translates into Albanian, but a person with imagination, passion and a great approach to every order. With our translators, you can translate various content and documents – the offer covers many industries, fields and topics.

We most often translate:

  • acts,
  • powers of attorney,
  • contracts,
  • invoices,
  • marketing texts.

We serve all industries, including sectors such as:

  • industry,
  • Albanian medical translations,
  • legal translations from and into Albanian,
  • literature,
  • websites,
  • Albanian technical translations,
  • we translate Albanian from and into 42 languages ​​​​of the world,
  • we can also offer you an express translation service.

Your clients will evaluate you on the basis of your translation from and into Albanian. Therefore, it has to be perfect, accurate, solid and at the same time have something of the charm of the Albanian Riviera or be as wonderful, ideal and beautiful as Lake Skadar located on the border of Albania and Montenegro (from the Albanian side, the gate to this largest lake in the Balkans is a town called Shkodër ).

For example, when you present your products on a website in Albanian, the recipients will read not only your words, but also the words of the translator.

Do not “harm”.

A poor translator means poor results. His “Më fal” (“I’m sorry”) will be of no use to you.

Supertranslator means naturally a translation that meets your expectations and is even something much more.

The translation into Albanian must therefore be done masterfully. Give meaning, not just translate words. A good translation is more than just replacing words. It conveys both the meaning of the text and its intention.

In each translation, we try to ensure that our clients receive 100% of the meaning of the original text. In a sense, we are transported to the Balkans, to Albania, where the national drink is rakija and nodding your head means “no”. To a country where in Enver Hoxha’s times there were only nineteen cars.

This is where the role of the Supertranslator begins.

Your great results depend on this person. In a sense, it is your agent for the Albanian market, who is there to support you in reaching your goal, achieving the highest efficiency and success.

The translation is done once, so it should be perfect from the beginning. Every word can work to your advantage. Even if you translate them into Albanian, which looks and sounds different from Polish. A professional Polish-Albanian translator is someone who knows this!

This is where the art and mastery lies, to convey the power of the overall impression of the original text and at the same time retain the flavors and nuances of the text.

Poor translators cannot do this. For supertranslators, this is something obvious.

Are you looking for the perfect translation “from” or “into” Albanian – work with Supertranslator so that to the question “Si jeni?” (“how are you?”) you could reply – great!

  • “Po” has nothing to do with the Polish word “po” [”after”] and means “yes”.
  • “Jo” is not a response from a rapper or a member of some subculture, and our “no”.
  • “Te lutem” has no connection with the Polish name of the month (February), we translate it as “please” (used in response to “thank you”).

How to get out of these linguistic traps? You do not have to do anything! You are lucky, because there is a supertranslator for supertasks.

We translate from Albanian into Polish with precision to the decimal point, keeping a deadline to the hour. We look carefully at each word, sentence and paragraph like an investigator reconstructing nuances, meaning and associations.

Of course, you can learn Albanian in order to try to communicate on your own with your business partner, with whom you will seal a big contract over a glass of rakija. This is a point for you for being as close as possible to the things that are important to you.

The perfection of translation begins and ends with choosing the right translator – after all, important matters are entrusted to the best specialists and serious people.

Each of our translators is characterized by accuracy and the fact that they are superspecialists. It is not a dictionary that translates “from” and “into” Albanian, but a human being – with imagination, passion and a great approach to every order.