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早上好!/zǎo shàng hǎo! /Good morning! The facts are that there are now more than 1.2 billion people worldwide who speak Chinese, of which Mandarin is the mother tongue for some 845 million people. Moreover, one in five people on the planet lives in China.

Do you want to make the most of it? Wherever your education, professional development, business is concerned – Chinese translations done reliably and to perfection are essential.

So it is good to be in touch with a trusted translator that clients refer to as a supertranslator.

Chinese translations with a supertranslator are:


Working with an experienced team of translators - we have been doing supertranslations since 2008!


A 100% online service - a modern ordering procedure without leaving the office or home.


Support in translating Chinese into 42 languages.


Quick quotation - we only need 30 minutes to provide you with our proposal for collaboration.


ISO 9001:2015 - we work to the highest industry standards.


5.0 - This is the average rating given on Google by clients who have used the supertranslation service.

Chinese translation agency - why use our service?

Does quality of translation matter to you? The Chinese translation agency guarantees a super level!

Did you know that ping-pong is the most popular sport in the Middle Kingdom? If not, you are already aware of it. And we mention this because the discipline has a lot to do with translation. If you want to be in the game, play this ‘match’ masterfully.

If you are making an attempt to learn Chinese, we can only say “bravo!” to you. The words sound foreign, the signs look like paintings, everything here is different from what you know. This decision requires courage and also involves a lot of time and effort spent on learning.

But… Without the support of a specialist, not only will noone understand you, it is unlikely that anyone will take your case seriously. This is why it makes sense to use professionals like a sworn Chinese translator.

Note that already in the beginning there is a problem. Which one? After all, is it Chinese or Chinese languages? It is actually a language or group of related languages that belong to the Sino-Tibetan family. Some distinguish more than a dozen Chinese languages within this macro-language. Quite what is different is written language and what is different is spoken language….

It gives us quite a headache, indeed. As we predicted, it is quite overwhelming. You do not have to rush out to your favourite Chinese restaurant to order lucky cookies, while praying for a miracle for everything to go well. Just have a supertranslator with you and everything will be great. Our Chinese translator will help you solve all your problems.

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Benefits of working with us:
  • access to supertranslators,
  • translations that are characterised by accuracy,
  • short lead times for Chinese translations,
  • rates based on the difficulty of the documents and texts,
  • confidentiality – our translators are trustworthy specialists.

Price list for Chinese translations

Type of translationNet priceGross priceUnit of account
price of translation from Polish into ChinesePLN 142PLN 175.891 page = 1600 characters with spaces
price of translation from Chinese into PolishPLN 142PLN 175.891 page = 1600 characters with spaces
price of a sworn translation from Polish into ChinesePLN 198.80PLN 244.521 page = 1125 characters with spaces
price of a sworn translation from Chinese into PolishPLN 198.80PLN 244.521 page = 1125 characters with spaces
price of proofreading the Chinese translationPLN 99.40PLN 122.261 page = 1600 characters with spaces

You can order super translations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

Supertranslations of Chinese - this is how it works:


Contact the translation agency - you make a phone call, send an email or use the form on the website.


You want to know the cost of the service - you ask for a quotation for the texts.


You upload the material you wish to translate from or into Chinese. We analyse the texts in order to assess the degree of difficulty and the time needed for us to complete the assignment.


You receive an offer of cooperation (you can accept or refuse it).


We choose the translator with the most experience and knowledge.


We are preparing a translation. As soon as the Chinese translation is handed over, you can use it immediately.

1. We care about your time, which is why most of our clients receive a quotation within 30 minutes of sending us the form.

2. Are you a natural person? We will then ask you to prepay – depending on your preference, you can choose to pay online or have a traditional bank transfer made.

Standard translations, specialised translations or certified Chinese-Polish and Polish-Chinese translations are what you are most interested in right now? Looking for someone you can rely on?

Our SUPERTŁUMACZ® translation agency is valued by clients for its high quality and timeliness. We guarantee professional translations from Chinese into Polish and translations from Polish into Chinese.

This is what we can do for you:

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We translate specialised text

Are you looking for translations of scientific, medical, legal or other specialist texts? They are handled by specialists in our translation agency!

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Correction of the translation language

Thanks to our services, the text can be much easier to read. We offer proofreading for style and syntax.

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Translation of standard texts

Translating a cover letter, CV or resume is not a problem for us. Present your professional letter to the employer.

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Certified (sworn) translation

Entrust us with documents that require the care of the best translators - entrust us with certified translations.

Will the translation you need affect your future? Send us your texts.

They recommend us

We translate meaning, not just words

Good translation is more than changing words. It captures both the meaning of the text and its intentions.

Documented quality

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Chinese translation FAQ

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality Chinese translation that perfectly suits your needs and guidelines. Hence, only professional Chinese translators who are additionally experts in a particular industry, field or subject matter translate for us. This way, you are 100% sure that you are placing the text in trusted hands.

We always determine the exact deadline for translations from and into Chinese after we have familiarised ourselves with the material to be translated. Please send it to our email or use the form available on the website. Once you send us your texts, we will send you a free and non-obliging quotation with the fastest possible delivery time.

Of course, we also do translations of texts for publication. For this type of texts, we recommend an additional proofreading service. It relies on the fact that the text translated into Chinese is still proofread by a second translator, often a native speaker.

Please send us the text to be translated ‘into’ or ‘from’ Chinese. We will send you a free quotation along with the fastest possible translation deadline.

Our specializations


CV translations

Not only do we translate CVs and other recruitment documents, but we also take into account everything about Chinese culture, work ethos or the philosophy of the company itself.


Translations for companies

We enable the development of any client that wants to enter the Chinese market and reach the 1.120 billion Chinese-speaking users.


Website translations

We combine our knowledge of the online environment with the experience of our translators. In this way, we make it easier for you to establish a successful presence in Chinese cyberspace.


Legal translations

We translate content of a legal and juridical nature from and into Chinese. Quality is guaranteed by our professionals, who combine the skills of translators and lawyers.


Medical translations

We help translate the language of doctors, healthcare professionals and professors. We enable companies and private clinics, as well as many other clients, to implement activities targeting the market in China.


Technical translations

We translate techniques from Chinese and into Chinese so that you are seen as a professional both in Poland and China.

tłumaczenia biznesowe

Business translations

We support anyone wishing to establish a presence on the Chinese market by translating business documents of various industries. We translate contracts, business projects and all the documents to enable smooth cooperation with China.

tłumaczenia naukowe

Translations of scientific texts

We work with a team of specialists who translate texts, professional articles and academic papers, putting precision and accuracy first. We help you understand Chinese in a broad scientific aspect.

tłumaczenia dokumentów samochodowych

Translations of car documents

The translation of vehicle documents requires precision and accuracy. We will ensure that the car legalisation process goes smoothly and without unnecessary complications by providing high-quality translations of the car documents.

tłumaczenia dokumentów motocyklowych

Translations of motorcycle documents

We translate Chinese motorcycle documents into various languages. We take care to convey a precise message so that every bit of translation is perfectly tailored to the requirements and expectations of our clients.

tłumaczenia budowlane

Construction translations

We translate all construction documentation from and into Chinese. We work with a team of experienced translators who know construction terminology like noone else.

tłumaczenia chemiczne

Chemical translations

In chemical translations, the assistance of experienced translators is invaluable in translating chemistry-related texts quickly and flawlessly into a chosen language.

tłumaczenia instrukcji obsługi

Translations of user manuals

Translations of operating instructions are of great importance for companies with an international reach. We understand this perfectly, providing high-quality translations created by experienced translators.

tłumaczenia dokumentów

Document translations

The professional translation of documents is important in private life as well as in professional life. We specialise in translating all Chinese documents across a range of industries.

You can order super translations by filling out the form on our website, sending an e-mail or calling the Customer Service Office directly.

Want to find out more? We have prepared more information for you!

A supertranslator handlestranslations from Chineseto simplified Chinese 汉语; traditional Chinese漢語; pinyin: Hànyǔ or Chinese 中文; pinyin: Zhōngwén.

We can say about Chinese without the slightest distortion that it is a completely different world and universe! Not only does everything look different here, but the amount of things that are related to this language can be terrifying.

Are you aware that linguists divide modern Chinese into two groups? The first is the northern group – there are languages here that are related and mutually understandable, although to a limited extent. They are usually 3 or 4 tons. The second one is the southern group – there are languages here that are very different from each other and mutually incomprehensible. They have more tones, e.g. minnam has 7-8 of them.

And how can you understand anyone when these calculations make your head spin? Supertranslator will help you understand everything and be understood.

Ourtranslations “from” or “into” Chineseare performed by specialists who are masters of one language (or even two) and masters of organization. They translate with accuracy to the decimal point, keeping the deadline to the hour. In addition, they “know” China, the Chinese mentality and its culture very well. So they will help you to do everything to perfection.

In our offer you will find translations in fields such as:

  • specialised translations in Chinese (various types of documents and content),
  • medical and pharmaceutical translations,
  • financial translations,
  • translation of technical texts,
  • computer sciences and IT,
  • construction,
  • legal and juridical translations,
  • content for websites.

Ready for action? Just start creating supertranslations with us. What is important for you: we do Chinese translations into 42 world languages – so we will translate not only material in Polish, but also in English, Finnish or Hungarian. We look forward to hearing from you and working together!

The flight from Warsaw to Beijing takes approximately 10 hours and 30 minutes. Poland and China are approximately 6,640 km apart. We speak Polish, and in the Middle Kingdom the official standard is Chinese (Mandarin). Why are we writing this to you? To make you realize that professional translation services are there to help you avoid time differences, barriers or language and cultural gaps. Of course, cooperation with a Polish-Chinese or Chinese-Polish translator involves costs.

How to find out the prices for Chinese translations performed by our supertranslators? Please contact our customer service office. You can call or write a message – we respond within 30 minutes. The quotation is free and does not oblige you to anything.

We have been supporting our clients in Chinese translations for 12 years. Clients come to us with various projects, issues and problems. Because it is true – quick translation of medical documentation is of great importance for someone who is fighting to improve their health or even life. We operate in many language combinations – we provide translations from Polish into Chinese and translations from Chinese into Polish. We translate both legal and IT-related materials. We work with texts on an A4 page and have experience with long-term projects of thousands of pages.

All this is reflected in the price of Chinese translations. Our Chinese translator always works at 100%, so regardless of the case and the size of the order, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality translation.

Another thing that makes Chinese one of the most difficult languages in the world. This time it concerns writing. It consists of characters that usually correspond to individual syllablesof Chinese languages. Hence they are called logosyllabic or monosyllabic writing. Moreover, most characters have separate meanings as a word and a morpheme. In addition, it is a complex system – each sign and the represented word are connected by a semantic or phonetic principle, or both principles.

It is not everything! It consists of 50,000 characters and has its own number system. In addition, modern Chinese writing is divided into traditional, simplified, kanji and hancha. If you want not to be considered illiterate in China, you need to learn 2,000 characters. However, approximately 5-6 thousand of them allow you to understand 95% of the content from the press and popular books.

Phew… Can you not handle it?

We understand you. There is “a bit” of it.

Therefore, noone is surprised thattranslations “from” or “into” Chineseare entrusted to professional translators. The super translator will take care of everything because our team includes people such as a Chinese-Polish translator and an English-Chinese translator.

Nowadays, systems based on the Latin alphabet are used for transcription. PinyinLatin transcription is used to transcribe Standard Mandarin. Other systems include: Wade Miles’ system and bopomofo.

If you are having a hard time figuring it out and finding your way, you can breathe a sigh of relief. A Polish-Chinese translatorin the “super” version is a person who will help you understand it. What sounds exotic to you, to him it is the world of Chinese, and he/she knows it like the back of his/her hand.

The orthography in the contextof Chineseis different than that of Polish. Well, in Chinese writing it includes the shape and order of strokes (as if there was “too little information to absorb…”, currently there are 12 types).

What does a properly written sign look like? First of all, it has to be inscribed in a square. The rules for drawing them are as follows: from left to right, top to bottom, inside to outside. This is especially important when the translator translates documents and business translations from Polish into Chinese.

Worth knowing – Chinese calligraphy

The so-called “Orchid Bower Manuscript” created in 353 by Wang Xizhi is the most famous Chinese calligraphic work. And this is just a small handful of what is related to Chinese.

China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. We strongly encourage you to learn this language, it is always a nice tribute to your business partner to be able to say a few words over a meal and a toast with baijiu. And for everything related to running effective business, we encourage you to stick to the superrule – this is serious, send the text to a supertranslator and perform a Polish-Chinese or Chinese-Polish translation that will be at a superlevel!