Translation of specialised texts

Translating specialised texts is not a piece of cake. It is easy to stumble, make a slip-up or leave a bad taste or impression. You are a professional, you cannot come off as an amateur. There is a simple recipe for this. A recipe goes like this: a translation provided by a professional and also an expert in your industry or field. Simply get translated as a true professional.

A reliable translation prepared by translation agency is nothing but benefits. It will speed up all procedures, provide peace of mind, bring the desired effects, allow you to do more and faster and, above all, let you show your best side – presenting you as an unrivalled specialist. So if specialised translation, then only with a first-class professional.

Specialised translations which will make you unrivalled

These best specialised translations in English, German or Chinese, although the languages are different, they always have one thing in common – a great translator. Specialised written translations are much more than just words – the internal terminology of a particular industry or field and the translation of the content of specialised texts. Knowledge of languages is not enough. Here you still need the expertise of a specialist. We offer translations of this kind and class.

At our translation agency your texts are translated by:

  • a native speaker with a degree in a relevant subject
  • an expert in the relevant field, who also provides specialised translations
  • an expert in the relevant field who has experience of working in the target country
  • a specialised translator
  • a translator who cooperates with an expert

We provide perfect specialised translations, as a pundit would.

A pundit is proficient in your industry. He/she is an expert on the subject. A professional who provides professional specialised translations. A professional, master and handyman in one person. As an expert, before he/she even proceeds, he/she first asks you to present your case. He/she has to look at it and assess whether he/she can offer you the highest quality of service (this is the difference between him/her and an amateur, by the way).

This is because, in addition to his/her knowledge of the foreign language, he/she should be comfortable with the maze of industry terminology, vocabulary from your linguistic world and all kinds of texts you want to hand over to him/her. Only after assessing the situation does he/she make you an offer: quotation + translation deadline.

How is it working? You send us content related to specialised texts (you send it via a form on the website or by email). We prepare an offer for you within 30 minutes. We provide a quotation and present the fastest completion date in it. After your approval, we begin to work.

We choose the most appropriate specialist for the project. Why exactly is that? We believe that not every good translator will be suitable for your case. He/she is supposed to be great precisely in the context of the translation we are preparing for you. That way you can be sure that you are leaving your work in trustworthy hands.

Our expert will support you in the translation process in the field of:

  • written translation (specialised translations, standard translations and certified translations)
  • translation from and into 42 languages, including specialised English translation
  • technical translation
  • translation of specialised medical texts
  • specialised translation in the fields of law, finance, economics
  • translations of patents
  • translation of documents in the fields of electronics, IT and communication
  • translation of scientific texts
  • the translation of various types of marketing material
  • and many more (if your industry is not listed here, please send us an enquiry)

Unbeatably flawless: Specialised translation agency creating excellent translations for professionals like you

Texts that are described as specialised are created by specialists, are specialised in nature or are dedicated to specialists. It therefore takes someone more than a translator to translate texts of this kind. Here, a translator and a specialist in one person is needed.

A university degree is not compulsory, but years of experience have shown us that most experts are people with in-depth knowledge in a specific field, those for whom your industry or field is their professional specialisation.

What does working with such a specialist give you?

  • unrivalled flawlessness
  • a pleasant and efficient translation process (best communication at every stage of specialised translation)
  • high-end translations in 42 foreign languages (including English, Russian, German, Hungarian, Chinese)
  • professionally chosen vocabulary for your sector or field
  • without omissions, oversights or overinterpretation
  • timely completion of the translation project
  • implementation of all your guidelines
  • data confidentiality
  • trust (something priceless and for which we are famous among our clients)

Specialised translations like a virtuoso’s play: Are you ready for professionalism at the highest level?

A virtuoso knows that the highest quality of a specialised translation consists of many elements: a coherent terminological layer, the highest level of content, linguistic and stylistic correctness, adaptation of style to a specific type of content, and even an appropriate graphic design. Experience, skills and a good sense also count. Instinct is with the best, and you will find the best with us.

As a professional, you know what a 100% quality guarantee means. A professional does not promise pie in the sky, he/she does not make empty promises or boast. An expert uses facts, offers you something real and doable. As a scientist, you do not want to become the laughing stock of colleagues by twisting what can be twisted in translation, do you?

As a tech business owner, you do not fancy making mistakes that will cost you your good name and financial losses, do you? And being a marketer who thinks of winning a big international project, the last thing you dream of is a slip-up during the translation process or failing to meet the deadline, are we right?

Specialised translations provided by us are like a virtuoso’s play. Everything is done to perfection, really good and breathtaking. If you are ready to soar high and to be a professional at the top level, feel welcome! A specialised translation service that supports people like you is waiting for you. Welcome to our superworld!


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    Specialised translations are one of the most difficult areas to translate